Valjean – Victor Hugo’s masterpiece on stage in English



ValjeanSince Cosette – who married Marius, baron de Pontmercy – left, Jean Valjean lives alone. The old man, to whom life has lost its meaning, knows that his end is near. Recluse, he decides to write a letter to his son-in-law to reveal his identity, tell his terrible story, and give up his truth. It is an opportunity to relive the major moments of his life: his youth, nineteen years in jail, the amazing redemption, the social success… and again the tracking. From a fierce hate of the human race to the discovery of love, Valjean embodies the elevation of consciousness. He is an anti-hero who became a heroic icon, but he remains a human being above all and therefore, he is deeply vulnerable. For the first time in the form of a monologue, this adaptation of Les Misérables offers a new approach – simple, essential and intimate – of Victor Hugo’s masterpiece.

Performed in English by Christophe Delessart every Friday at 7:30pm, an exclusive FUSAC price of €12 is available if you mention FUSAC when booking.



“Jean Valjean is the hero of my childhood. This is what I thought about thirty years ago when I decided to create this first adaptation. This is 1987. I am twenty-three years old. At the time, this is the opportunity to expiate a first period of my life that was complicated and hard. The years Valjean spent in jail were probably echoing the pains I had endured; the silence and the abnegation that had formed the pattern of my daily life. Thirty years later, life and experience did their work and I felt the need to extract Valjean’s extreme qualities as a hero; the ability to accept without necessarily understanding, to protect, to transmit, to forgive and above all, to love. More than ever this Valjean is my hero. Beyond the empirical approach of the character, the strength of the language and the power of Hugo’s images have definitively convinced me to recreate this adaptation. For an actor, this language is a nectar. This text is a pure delight. Of course it is a novel, but its powerful essence has been turned into movies, plays, musicals… It just seemed essential to me to offer an intimate version where the man, at the end of his life, with his strong experience but sometimes overwhelmed with doubt, has to face his fate with dignity.”

Christophe Delessart


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Every Friday in English at 7:30pm (duration 75 mins).
FUSAC Price €12 (Full Price €20).
Théâtre Essaïon, 6 Rue Pierre au Lard, 75004 Paris (Métro Hôtel de Ville/Rambuteau)
Reservations: 01 42 78 46 42
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