Versailles and the American War of Independence

When was the last time you spent a day at Versailles? Seeing the exhibition "Versailles and the American War of Independence" in the Gallery of Great Battles at the Chateau of Versailles is perhaps the bonus that will bring you back one more time. As the first country to recognize the United States of America as a new nation, France commemorates the 240th anniversary of the event, especially in Versailles where the war of independence was supported, where the decision was made in 1777 and where the peace treaty with England was signed in 1783. The exhibition aims to reveal facts often forgotten but which bear testimony to the circumstances, scale and consequences of France's involvement in the war. The exhibition is the result of collaboration with researchers from American museums and universities, the Congress and the Society of the Cincinnati, as well as French, Spanish and English historians. It aims to present different points of view in order to avoid presenting a per…
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