The International Players presents “Season’s Greetings”

The International Players return to Le Quai 3 in Le Pecq this January with the black comedy Season’s Greetings, a classic from the celebrated English playwright Alan Ayckbourn.

Reservations: or 07 81 02 78 14

The action takes place in 1978, in a leafy English suburb, at the home of Belinda and Neville Bunker, a middle-class couple who have invited family members and a young couple to spend Christmas with them. Belinda has done her utmost to make the festivities a success, but the Christmas magic doesn't always work when the guests don't all get on with each other and find themselves in a confined space for three days.

Belinda's sister has also invited Clive Morris, a charismatic young writer and his arrival upsets what is already a very delicately-balanced atmosphere. As the spirit of Christmas takes more and more turns for the worse, tensions mount – as does the comedy. There is a painfully chaotic and s…

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Oh My God She’s Parisian ! 5 pairs of tickets to win

Oh My God She's Parisian !' is the only "one-woman show" 100% in English in Paris. See below to win tickets.What can motivate a former Parisian lawyer to change her profession and embark on a career that is so far from her initial background? 

After resigning Julie decided to take the stage and write a show about Paris. There was no show in Paris that talked about the real life of Parisians without going into the clichés about the city that everyone already knows... Because she previously lived in London, Chicago and New-York she has decided to do it in English so that non French-speaking people could enjoy it.

Julie's show is a great combination of stand-up, theatre, singing, mime and improvisation with the spectators. Besides, the show doesn't hesitate to address the latest news of the moment in France and Paris (what a funny testimony to the former President Chirac recently!). Julie will take you through a typical day in the li…

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North American dance companies coming to Paris

FUSAC and Le Théâtre des Champs Elysées present 2 great North American dance companies coming to Paris this fall!  Discount tickets are available.

At the end of this month, Benjamin Millepied returns to Paris with his L.A. Dance Project company and an evening very appropriately Made in L.A. 

L.A. Dance Project presents an evening of four choreographies at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, in the field of TranscenDanses. This program includes two creations from outstanding L.A. based choreographers, a revival of  Kineasonata by Bella Lewitzky, and the return of Benjamin Millepied’s Hearts & Arrows. Choreographers Madeline Hollander  and Jacob Jonas will both present new works commissioned for Generation LA, a festival of new dance works created for  and performed by L.A. Dance Project. Madeline Hollander is a choreographer at the forefront of interdisciplinary  collaboration. Her work was been featured in projects such as Director Jordan Peele’s most recent fe…

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Win circus tickets! See Saloon!

This is not just any circus, it is a Quebecois circus! It is a Wild West circus with a story and it's going to be great fun! 85 minutes of sure shootin' rip roarin' thigh slappin' high energy entertainment with 8 acrobats and live musicians playing the music of Patsy Klein and Johnny Cash, a little Lead Belly too! What's this show that's not to be missed? Why it's the juggling-est, lasso-est, musical acrobatic adventure in the Wild West. In Cirque Éloize’s Saloon, the infectious energy of folk music sets the tone to an acrobatic comedy that sweeps the spectators away in a mad rush. Enigmatic, colorful characters come together and reveal themselves, resulting in a series of unexpected situations, unfolding to the rhythm of acrobatic prowess and original choreography. Under the spell of the saloon’s beautiful Belle, the lover sets off a chase worthy of the greatest Westerns. The lovebirds on the run wreak havoc everywhere on their path; from the deserted plains to the depth of…
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Valjean – Victor Hugo’s masterpiece on stage in English


Since Cosette - who married Marius, baron de Pontmercy - left, Jean Valjean lives alone. The old man, to whom life has lost its meaning, knows that his end is near. Recluse, he decides to write a letter to his son-in-law to reveal his identity, tell his terrible story, and give up his truth. It is an opportunity to relive the major moments of his life: his youth, nineteen years in jail, the amazing redemption, the social success... and again the tracking. From a fierce hate of the human race to the discovery of love, Valjean embodies the elevation of consciousness. He is an anti-hero who became a heroic icon, but he remains a human being above all and therefore, he is deeply vulnerable. For the first time in the form of a monologue, this adaptation of Les Misérables offers a new approach – simple, essential and intimate - of Victor Hugo’s masterpiece.

Performed in English by Christophe Delessart every Friday at 7:30pm, an exclusive…
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La Ménagerie de verre – Théâtre de Gennevilliers (Discount FUSAC)

La Ménagerie de verre texte Tennessee Williams traduction Isabelle Famchon mise en scène Daniel Jeanneteau

du 21 mars au 2 avril lundi, mercredi, jeudi et vendredi à 20h, samedi à 18h et dimanche à 16h

plateau 1 – 2h15

Puisant au plus intime de sa propre vie, dans une histoire insignifiante et très locale, Tennessee Williams construit avec La Ménagerie de verre une oeuvre universelle, subtilement déceptive, parlant de la perte et du deuil, de la permanence en nous de ce qui a disparu. La Ménagerie de verre se déroule dans un petit appartement de Saint Louis et met en scène trois membres de la même famille, les Wingfield : une mère, Amanda, abandonnée par son mari, un fils, Tom, poète et employé dans une usine de chaussures, une fille, Laura, fragile, solitaire et qui collectionne de petits animaux en verre. À ce triangle s’ajoute un quatrième personnage extérieur : Jim, jeune collègue de T…
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Théâtre de la ville – 2 spectacles prix réduit avec FUSAC

Le Théâtre de la Ville possède une histoire très riche. Après bien des péripéties lors du 19ème siècle, c’est l’illustre tragédienne Sarah Bernhardt qui prend la direction du théâtre en décembre 1898. Elle animera ce lieu durant 25 ans et lui donnera son nom. En 1943, la première pièce de Jean-Paul Sartre, Les Mouches, y est créée. A la fin des années 60, le bâtiment nécessite de profondes rénovations. Le Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt devient alors Théâtre de la Ville en décembre 1968 pour sa réouverture au public. La façade de Gabriel Davioud est inscrite à l’inventaire des Monuments Historiques en 1990. En 1996, le Théâtre de la Ville a enfin sa seconde salle : un nouveau théâtre de 400 places,  les Abbesses , construit sur la Butte Montmartre, qui  lui permet de développer et d’affiner sa politique. Aujourd'hui, Le Théâtre de la Ville développe de nouveaux partenariats avec un ensemble de structures à Paris et dans le monde, autour de projets élaborés en commun. Ils cherchent a…
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Discount tickets to see American artists at Théâtre des Champs Elysées

The Théâtre des Champs-Elysées will welcome once more some fantastic American artists this December. In December, they will feature the iconic opera : Il Barbiere di Siviglia with the American tenor, Michele Angelini. From the 5th to the 16th of December. Il Barbiere requires verve, youth and inventiveness, and this new production has it in spades. Parisians are familiar with Jérémie Rhorer and the track record with Mozart of his ensemble Le Cercle de l’Harmonie, and their exploration of Rossini should demonstrate the same degree of commitment. Director Laurent Pelly will be making his avenue Montaigne debut, but his farces and extravaganzas alike are a delight. This virtuoso “gem” will also be performed by a second cast of young singers whose talent suggests that they have a bright future ahead of them on the professional stage. For several seasons now, the Théâtre has promoted this idea of introducing audiences to talented youngsters with great potential and this new prod…
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La disparition d’Everett Ruess – CENTQUATRE – Win tickets!

La Disparition D'Everett Ruess - une histoire Américaine - Cent Quatre Paris - October 31st (theatre / live music) and November 2nd (full concert)

At the head of 49 Swimming Pools, his quartet with panoramic music oscillating between pop and folk-rock, Emmanuel Tellier proposes with La disparition d’Everett Ruess to retrace the steps of a mythical character of the American West, who disappeared in the heart of Utah in November 1934. The CENTQUATRE-PARIS presents this transversal project in two different versions: the show version, between documentary theatre and a rock performance, and the concert version. At the beginning, there is a true story, an amazing one: in 1934, a 20-year-old boy disappears in a desert in the western United States. Accident ? Murder? Revenge ? We'll never know ... Who was Everett Ruess? What was he doing in the fascinating but dangerous landscapes of Utah? We are following him closely... If you like Into the wild a…
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Paris Fringe: A Festival of International Theatre in English

The first edition of the Paris Fringe, a festival of international theatre in English, takes place from Monday, May 23 to Sunday, May 29, 2016 in Paris, France. The festival features both international work and France-based companies with a focus on innovative approaches to theatre, and an emphasis on contemporary themes. English is the main language for performances and other events related to the festival. Paris Fringe takes place in partnership with Les Feux de la Rampe theatre and surrounding venues in the 9th arrondissement in Paris. Alongside the shows are a variety of workshops, talks and events to provide artists and audiences with opportunities to interact and exchange. Paris Fringe is organized by a team of international theatre makers based in France, led by artistic directors Dom Douglas and Reka Polonyi.

“Paris Fringe is a theatre festival about bringing people together,” notes Polonyi, “with artists coming from around the world, it…
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