The Sound of Charlie Chaplin – Philharmonie Paris

Quick! The Sound of Charlie Chaplin Exhibition ends January 26, 2020

The Sound of Charlie Chaplin exhibition is an invitation to rediscover the work of the master of silent film from a musical vantage point, shining the spotlight on the close relation to dance, rhythm and the illusion of speech and sound, all rigorously “orchestrated” in each of Chapin’s works.

Confronting Chaplin's cinematographic art with numerous works, machines, scores and manuscripts, this exhibition restores all the "eloquence" of his genius, whose influence extends from the avant-garde to popular culture. Examining everything in his work that makes "noise" and "speaks" to the eyes as well as to the ear, the exhibition shows how much the search for sound and musical expression catalyzes his entire imagination.

The Sound of Charlie Chaplin exhibition extends the (often limited) field of music to other objects, such as noise, gesture and rhythm. Resolutely, Tramp's sil…

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Per our May 4, 2019, post, “Paris/France and…” is a new series wherein “and” leads us to categories whose subcategories link to the city/country we know and love. Having explored Paris/France and Body Parts (posted May 4, 2019) as well as Paris/France and Colors (July 27, 2019), we move on to Paris / France and The Classical Elements (earth, water, air, fire [and ether, which we won’t be discussing here]), starting--floatingly, flowingly, gushingly, splashingly, streamingly--with Paris/France and…

…water: traveling on it, drinking it, splashing around in it, stepping on planks several feet above it *.

TRAVELING ON IT: Do not sell the Seine short. As exquisite as it is, as sublimely as it threads through Paris monuments like a silk cord through necklace gems, it has for millenniums (Is the Neolithic period old enough for you?) been crucially more than background or playground, as you will discover here (read and click on everything you have time for and then…

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Water in Paris, Part 1: La Seine

A series on Water in Paris Part 1: La Seine We all associate the Seine with Paris even though this river only runs 13 of its 776 kilometers in Paris. In fact La Seine starts not too far from Dijon on a plateau at a place called Source-Seine. Its origins are several springs of clear ground water that flow together on the surface forming a small stream. A spring has always been an important place throughout history and in this particular case the source of the Seine was known and revered back in the time of Gaul. This spring was the kingdom of the goddess or nymphe Séquanna and she gave her name to the river in about the 1st century. The Seine, in French, is called a fleuve. We don't have a specific word for this in English. A fleuve is different than a rivière. A fleuve flows into the ocean and a rivière flows into an inland body of water. France has 5 major fleuves and many, many rivières. Today the Seine's flow is controlled by a series of lakes and canals upstream that hold…
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