Interview with Marjorie Hache from OÜI FM

Marjorie Hache from OÜI FM is half French, half Scottish and a radio broadcaster. She grew up between the two countries and is currently based in Paris where she hosts UK Beats, Monday-Friday 10-11pm on OÜI FM. We had the pleasure of interviewing her! Hello Marjorie, When, Where and How did you find out about FUSAC ?  Probably the early 2000s when I accompanied some American friends to a US-style bagel place. There weren't many back then and they had a pile of FUSACs. I remember flicking through it years later looking for summer jobs. Where were you born ? Edinburgh, Scotland. How did you become a music journalist / broadcaster ?  I wanted to work in radio from the age of 13/14, so after making up dream radios and fake shows with a tape player, I set about getting work experience which was easier to get in London than in Paris (merci l'administration française). When I was 18, I moved to Glasgow where I studied History a…
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