Clubs Associations Churches of Expat Paris

Clubs Associations Churches of Expat Paris Joining the social fabric in your new home is part of settling in. Of course you want to integrate into France and meet French people, but it is always pleasant, and some would say important, to join fellow expats or folks from your own country to pursue your favorite activities as well. Just like sometimes you need comfort food you also need comfort time in your own language, activities and customs. Churches and synagogues in Paris are great resources providing community, study and discussions, lunches, youth groups, fairs, choirs and volunteer opportunities just like at home. Many schools and universities have alumni clubs in Paris. Here below is a non-exhaustive list of clubs associations of all types as well as churches of the expat community in the Paris area. Index :  British Scottish Welsh Norwegian Finnish Swedish Polish Danish German Irish Canadian Australian American Worship in your own language  British : Association Fra…
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French literature quiz: 13 extracts

French literature quiz: 13 extracts Identify the French authors of the following 13 French literature extracts. This quiz was first published on page 13 of FUSAC 513 in 2013 - and today is January 13 - hence our theme of 13! Score : 0 – 3 pas terrible /  4 – 6 read on ! - better yet attend Felix Libris Master class next spring /  7 – 10 impressionnant ! / 11 – 13 prix littéraire for you! Extra point : Which author is not French ? Answers on the bottom of page. q 1 - Ah ! Mon Dieu, Madame, que je suis affligée ! Que je suis malheureuse ! Qui me consolera dans mes peines ? Qui me conseillera dans l’embarras où je me trouve ? Ce M. de Val­mont... et Danceny! Non, l’idée de Danceny me met au désespoir... Comment vous raconter ? Comment vous dire ?... Je ne sais comment faire. Cependant mon cœur est plein... Il faut que je parle à quelqu’un, et vous êtes la seule à qui je puisse, à qui j’ose me confier. Vous avez tant de bonté pour moi ! Mais n’en ayez pas dans ce moment-ci ; je …
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Hints and Hindsights: La Rentrée

Hints and Hindsights: La Rentrée by Shari Leslie Segall In France, September is the Monday morning of the year. You’ve just had a 60-day weekend and it’s time to get up, grope your way to the figurative and literal shower and go to work. Even if you didn’t take all of July and August off, it’s likely that almost everyone you had to deal with during that legendarily sacred span of time was away for at least part of it, in effect giving you a double vacation: yours and the forced unproductiveness produced in your universe by theirs. Now comes la rentrée (a word for whose English translation the French desperately scramble: it literally means “reentry,” can mean “back-to-school,” but is a general reference to returning to reality after those month-long strolls on the sand, hikes in the Himalayas and reunions with relatives). And the strategy for facing it is like that of ripping off a band-aid as quickly as possible to minimize the skin-scraping pain: “Just let me get through th…
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Hints and Hindsights: Paris Classes Macramé and much more

ints for Newcomers indsights for Old-Timers: Macramé and so much more or Paris classes for everything and anything Our Hints-Hindsights posted on February 6, 2016 started: “When your spouse was offered a high-paid, top-executive position in Paris, did you declare, “We’ll move to the most beautiful city in the world only if I can find a step-aerobics class catering to my age group and ability level”? Have you said to yourself, “Now that I have played tennis in the Bois de Boulogne, skied in Grenoble and run the Marathon de Nantes, what could possibly be left for me to do?” Does your overpowering attraction to moelleux au chocolat crash full-force into your seeming inability to chase its pernicious effects from your thighs? If the answer to any of these is a resounding “YES!” you have come to the right article.” If, on the other hand, when your spouse was offered a high-paid, top-executive position in Paris, you declared, “We’ll move to the most beautiful city in the world only…
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Nathalie Baye to lead master class

Nathalie Baye to lead a master class at the Cité Universitaire in Paris on April 2nd In collaboration with the renowned actress and in partnership with the Cité Universitaire in Paris and movie magazine StudioCinélive, UniFrance Films is launching a series of master classes hosted by leading figures of the French movie industry. Nathalie Baye will inaugurate this series of master classes to be held as part of the Cité Universitaire in Paris's international program with an evening event to be held Thursday, April 2, hosted by UniFrance Films' executive director Isabelle Giordano. During this event, the legendary French actress will discuss her remarkable career in which she has taken part in 90 films, playing the lead for some of the world's most iconic directors, including François Truffaut, Xavier Dolan, Jean-Luc Godard, Steven Spielberg, Claude Chabrol, and Bertrand Blier. This event is free of charge and everyone is welcome, but be sure to book as there is only a limited …
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Ecole Perceval: Open House

Ecole Perceval in Chatou Discover the world of Steiner-Waldorf education during our open house on March 7th. Steiner-Waldorf education at Ecole Perceval in Chatou recognizes the « whole child », the intellect, the emotions and the physical, which is sometimes expressed as « head, heart and hands ». The pedagogy has 5 main objectives : Awaken and develop the creative abilities of each child. Encourage children to be independent at each stage of their development. Encourage children to develop as full members of society, confident and happy in their surroundings. Stimulate in pupils a desire to learn, based on lively teaching and artistic presentation of material. Offer pupils a wide range of activities, allowing children to develop their own talents, according to the individual nature of each child. In addition to classical courses, taught in an artistic way Ecole Perceval in Chatou offers: Music, painting, modeling, woodwork, steelwork, fabric work, acting, 2 languages f…
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Workshop “S’installer à Paris” – BPI

Workshop "S'installer à Paris" Just arrived in Paris and need help ? Of course FUSAC is here to help ! But you also have the opportunity to join a worshop at the library - inside the Pompidou Centre - called « S’installer à Paris » ! All subjects of everyday life will be dealt with : going out, walks, housing, jobs, health…they will help you discover the town. For 90 minutes, come and discover their resources, their lucky finds and share yours as well ! ! For non French-speakers, don’t worry they will give you good tips for learning and speaking French at the library and in Paris. Don’t miss it!   When is it (2014 dates)? Thursday, September 25 (2pm to 3.30 pm) Thursday, October 2 (2pm to 3.30 pm) Thursday, October 6 (4pm to 5.30 pm) Where is it ? Bpi, Espace Vie Pratique The Bpi, located inside the Pompidou Centre in the centre of Paris, makes available to its users a rich and varied array of materials and services, free of charge and highly accessible witho…
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The Plant Course in Paris

There are still a few places available on the first day of The Plant Course at the Jardin des Plantes on Thursday 6th March.

Building on the success of the established Plant Course in London, The Plant School will now hold the inaugural Plant Course in Paris. Based in Le Jardin des Plantes, the course will be in English and plant enthusiasts from France, Belgium, the UK, and beyond are welcome. The course aims to give the student a good grounding in plant knowledge along with an insight into the botanical garden originally created by Louis XIII in 1635. It will run for four days through spring/early summer. No prior qualifications are required for this course.

The first day is Thursday 6th March. Maïté Delmas will talk on Le Jardin des Plantes and its importance both in a historical role and as a collection. This was where Le Nôtre sent his plants, collected from many parts of the world before selecting them for pl…

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