Rental Lease and contract in France

Recent news: The City of Paris is constantly trying to better or at least adjust the rental system. In an attempt to make Paris less expensive to live in they are now reinstating rent ceilings for a 5 year test period for all new or renewed leases signed as of July 1st, 2019. You can find out the average price of rent in an area given in price per month per square meter based on the address, size and age of the building which you put into the rent calculator (in French).

Also recently created is also a new type of lease called the Bail Mobilité. This rental lease applies only to furnished rentals that are a maximum of 10 months. There is no security deposit and rents must be within the regular ceilings. The lease must state why this type of lease is needed. If the rental goes past ten months, it becomes a normal furnished apartment lease renewable annually.

Once you have found your apartment in France it is time to sign the lease. Below yo…

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ECLA, the best housing option in the South of Paris

ECLA, the best housing option in the South of Paris

Discover our studios, duplex or shared apartments that will meet your expectations. Located right at the gates of Paris, the brand new accommodations and the unique concept of co-living of the Campus Ecla are just waiting for you! Enjoy the free-access sports areas, the food court or the co-working space. Ecla's staff take pride in assisting every member of the Ecla Team and welcoming talented individuals from all over the world. Our excellent partner Science Accueil assists the international members of our community in all administrative matters and other aspects of settling in through its ground-floor office on Ecla campus. Languages classes are offered on campus as well to help members eager to learn French.

Accommodations from studio apartments to 4 bed-apartments. Located 30 minutes from the center of Paris, Ecla Campus has a direct access to public tr…
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Free FUSAC Annual Guide

FUSAC annual guide 2016-2017 In the just published FUSAC annual guide to English-speaking Paris you’ll find: English-speaking resources and contacts Jobs and Housing English-speaking businesses Language schools and teachers Thoroughly researched practical information and tips Book, exhibition and music suggestions The Speak Easy & Becoming French books FUSAC Selections: Personal favorites How to get to know Paris and meet new people Kids in Paris Get your copy now at the American Church or Cathedral, Breakfast in America, the Real McCoy and other fine anglo establishments, schools, shops... it's FREE! But remember this is an ANNUAL guide, so all the pertinent up-to-date information you need is still here on the website! You can also click on the cover below to see the full PDF version of our guide! 
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Smoke detector countdown

We have had a smoke detector in our suburban Paris home for many years – it seems “normal” to me, but I realized how unusual its actually was when my housekeeper reported a mouse sound coming from the landing one day while we were on a trip. Thinking that we probably didn't have mice, but not wanting this sound to go without investigation I asked a neighbor to stop by. They couldn't figure it out. The next week my housekeeper saw nothing new and yet heard the peep again. I was quite perplexed, but since there were no other signs I did not pursue the matter. Upon arriving at home and going upstairs I immediately heard the beep of the the smoke detector reminding us to change an expiring battery. A few mintues later I burst out laughing as I realized that the smoke detector was the mouse. The incident made me realize that smoke detectors were not very common. In fact, in France only two percent of homes are fitted with detectors as opposed to 97 percent in Norway and 88 percen…
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