Get out of Town to Giverny

In Giverny, just about an hour from Paris, the Museum of Impressionisms with the support of the Musée d'Orsay has organized a 10th anniversary painting exhibition entitled Monet-Auburtin, An Artistic Encounter to celebrate the work of Claude Monet (1840–1926) by interweaving it with that of the painter Jean Francis Auburtin (1866-1930). This exhibition is a very good reason to finally get out of town to Giverny or to make a return visit, but it closes 14 July, so jump on the train now! But don't fret if you can't go this week a new exhibition of paintings by Ker-Xavier Roussel promises to be colorful and dreamy starting on 27 July, see below.

Monet-Auburtin, An Artistic Encounter

Impressed by Monet’s work, which was exhibited regularly in Paris around 1889–90, Auburtin, whose training was classical, started painting from nature. Drawing on Impressionism, Synthetism, Japonism and Symbolism, Auburtin created an oeuvre that was based on a constant dialogue wi…

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