Hints for Newcomers – Hindsights for Old-Timers

by Shari Leslie Segall Yes! The FUSAC Hints for newcomers-Hindsights for old-timers Department does keep its promises! As our pledges made in past columns - to “further explain” this or “give examples of” that or “add to the list of” the other - seem to have slipped away from us, we are reeling them back right here, and are thus pleased to present the following handful of random fascinating France-and-French-related facts ‘n figures - some that we owe you, others because we think they’re… well… fascinating. La Toussaint, etc. Although the word saint is masculine (le saint - the feminine version is la sainte), the name of the All Saints’ Day holiday (November 1) uses the feminine definite article: la Toussaint. This is because fête - meaning “holiday" - is a feminine noun, and it’s understood that Toussaint is une fête. [1] About that circumflex above the first “e” in fête: A holiday is often a time for a “feast,” n’est-ce pas? When you see a circumflex in a French word, you…
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