Hôtel Marignan – a new “all inclusive” package for families

From stay-at-home to vacation without missing a beat

Hôtel Marignan, a Parisian family-owned hotel, proposes a new “all inclusive” package for families looking for good value on a trip to Paris

To encourage tourism in Paris after months of confinement, and to make it possible for families to visit Paris in the best conditions, the Parisian family-owned hotel, Hôtel Marignan, offers a new all-inclusive package for clients who would like to visit Paris economically. The hotel offers rooms for from 4 to 5 people with private shower and toilette for 135€ for four guests and 145€ for five guests, including breakfast and all of the hotel’s services. All clients have free use of an equipped kitchen, a washing machine, a clothes dryer, equipment for babies and young children…And, the hotel accepts ANCV vacation coupons.

Reservations: reserv@hotel-marignan.com / +33 1 43 54 63 81

www.hotel-marignan.com / www.hotel-marignan.com/blog/


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Support the Franco-British Sillery Foundation

The Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hertford British Hospital Charity have created a solidarity initiative, under the high patronage of the British Ambassador to France and the French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, to support the work of the Franco-British Sillery Foundation in the Essonne department which is actively engaged in the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the Franco-British Sillery Foundation's people with disabilities have been involved in the collective effort to combat the effects of the Covid-19 virus in the communities where they are present, at six of their sites in France. The Foundation makes masks, treats linen, provides daily meals to the staff of medical-social establishments, makes oxygen bottle caps for Air Liquide, packages hydro-alcoholic gel and more.

The Franco-British Sillery Foundation is in urgent need of funds to continue its emergency health work, b…

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Moving in France?

This article is about moving WITHIN France, if you are moving TO France see our other article. www.fusac.fr/moving-to-paris/

A very practical website offered by the French Public Service allows you to officially update your address with public service and administrations when you're moving in France. In one fell swoop and a few clicks you can inform the EDF, vehicle registration, tax, social security, carte vitale, retirement, unemployment offices and other administrations of your new address.

Plus this form works not just for moving in France and your physical address but also for updating:

email address,landline phone number,mobile phone number

They call this service The Teleservice of Service Public.

You'll need certain ID numbers (client numbers, social security number, carte grise...) to complete all the info required on the form. Check on the site first then gather the necessary from your bills or ID cards. Start by looki…

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Paris – New York Heritage Festival

BL MUSIC presents the 4th annual addition of its touring festival : Paris - New York Heritage Festival 5 cities in 4 countries on 3 continentsMore than 15,000 festival-goers/ 100 artists gathered in 3 years to...

... TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE TRANSMISSION OF HISTORYHistory repeats and perpetuates itself, like the black American slaves who, forfeited their own name, were named as their master. Similarly, in history, music has been named by its style (jazz, funk, blues, gospel, hiphop...) rather than by its original name. We want the PNYH, to tell these stories in their continuity, through their heritage. Every year for the past 4 years, the festival has been organized around an original theme related to these cultures. The first editions highlighted the great richness of African American culture (its interactions with Africa, the United States, and Europe), its influences, its evolution, and its origins. It is intima…

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