Win a set of bed linen from La Chambre Paris – Giveaway!

Ian and his wife Alison launched La Chambre Paris in September 2019. They found buying high quality bed linen in France expensive (brands can be sold for up to 10x cost). They were also frustrated by the traditional model of buying in a big store plus returns only being available if it is in the original packaging was not consumer friendly. They firmly believe that brands should stand behind the quality of their products and offer people the chance to really test and try the bedding which is why you have 90 days to sleep, wash and fall in love with their bedding!

So they decided to create La Chambre Paris and found a factory that shared their values of exceptional quality, eco-responsibility and transparency. They developed a curated range of French washed linen, sateen and percale and brought in little details such as duvet ties and by cutting out all the middlemen they can sell to you at an affordable price. 

Now is the perfect time to refresh your b…

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Planète Gascogne by Perry Taylor

If you are headed to south west France for your summer vacation or if you've already been smitten by the area or if you appreciate rural France you'll get a kick out of the drawings by Perry Taylor - as he interprets life in Gascony through a whimsical British lens.

Perry Taylor was born in Oxford, England. He was a graphic designer and art director at design studios and advertising agencies in London and Amsterdam for 25 years. He now lives with his wife and chickens in the Hautes-Pyrénées, at the edge of the Gers. The tender and amusing observations of this renowned ‘Anglo-Gascon’ artist, capture the spirit of South West France in his warm and witty drawings, that always contain mischievous details of the locals, their lifestyle, culture, heritage and sports. Drawn in Indian ink and watercolor, his pen strokes provoke smiles from the French, who recognize themselves, as well as the international visitors who have discovered this special part of France.

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Support the Franco-British Sillery Foundation

The Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hertford British Hospital Charity have created a solidarity initiative, under the high patronage of the British Ambassador to France and the French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, to support the work of the Franco-British Sillery Foundation in the Essonne department which is actively engaged in the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the Franco-British Sillery Foundation's people with disabilities have been involved in the collective effort to combat the effects of the Covid-19 virus in the communities where they are present, at six of their sites in France. The Foundation makes masks, treats linen, provides daily meals to the staff of medical-social establishments, makes oxygen bottle caps for Air Liquide, packages hydro-alcoholic gel and more.

The Franco-British Sillery Foundation is in urgent need of funds to continue its emergency health work, b…

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Pregnant in France

This is the first of a three part series of article about being Pregnant in France

If you've just found out your are pregnant or thinking about having a baby in the near future, we've compiled for you some practical info on the different steps to follow in France. It can be overwhelming at first so in order to have a peaceful pregnancy, it is best to take one step at a time! 

What should I do after I take a pregnancy test and it is positive? First of all, congratulations! It is the beginning of a beautiful and intense journey! The first thing to do is to go and see a doctor in order to confirm the pregnancy with a blood test. My personal preference is an appointment with a mid-wife (sage-femme) rather than a regular doctor as she can perform an échographie de datation (dating ultrasound) so you can hear the very first heartbeat if you are at least 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. I was about 7 to 8 weeks pregnant when I saw a mid-wife for the first time and was so p…

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Hints and Tips for Running and Biking in Paris

Hints and Tips for Running and Biking in Paris (and an impassioned plea at the end)

It’s no coincidence that “endorphin,” the chemical produced by the brain during intensive, repetitive exercise like running, biking, rowing and swimming, seems to rhyme with “morphine” (an opiate pain reliever).  It is morphine, its name being a contraction of “endogenous” (i.e., manufactured “within,” or by, the body [en = “in” in French, for example]) and “morphine”--or other “-ine” drugs, such as codeine, etc. Endorphins are natural pain relivers, which is why we get a “runner’s or biker’s high.” This would be the case even if we were pounding the pavement or pushing the pedals in Lost Springs, Wyoming (as of the 2010 census, population: 4). Or Charleroi, Belgium (according to the BBC, the ugliest city in the world).


Yes, we need. In order to keep safe and happy while all that home-grown dope…

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It’s Paris Marathon Time Again

It's Paris Marathon Time Again and so we asked marathoner and writer Shari Leslie Segall (who has run and completed 30 marathons, including 23 in Paris) how and why she (and nearly 59,999 others) continues to run the Paris Marathon year after year. She responded:

If you are lucky enough to be able to watch from the sidelines (or impatient enough to imperatively need to back your car right then and there out into the flowing phalanx of folks asking for only one six-hour [out of the other 8,754] period of traffic-free footspace per year, or hungry enough to absolutely have to try to find a micro-hole in said phalanx through which to scamper--guilty smirk on your face--across the street to the bakery), you will probably notice that although these thousands of intrepid souls chasing a 42.195-kilometer/26.2-mile goal might appear to lack some sanity, what they certainly do not lack is motivation. While we know that it’s career-extending glory and often considerable pri…

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Another Paris Marathon

Another Paris Marathon Paris, France Marathon season is upon us, and that means celebrating marathon runners: elite runners and their 20-kilometer (12.43-mile)-per-hour walks in the park, beginner runners and their good fortune at not knowing what they’ve gotten themselves into, self-motivating runners and all their inventive techniques for keeping the rubber on the macadam, crying runners (“I DID IT!!”), laughing runners (“Hah! And you said I couldn’t!”). But where would these marathon runners be without the vast support afforded them along their 42.195-km (26.2-mile) slog? Here are just a few categories of helpers who make this great, frustrating, challenging, daunting, exhilarating, fun, terrifying, gratifying achievement possible (and one category of decidedly non--helpers, in spite of whom we get home anywayread on). The Volunteers: At major marathons (like Paris, with 57,000 runners), there are 3,000+ volunteers, awake at pre-pre-dawn on race day, spread over the le…
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  Today we present two views - different perspective on cultural differences from the American and French points of view. Both authors are long-time residents of Paris, one American and one French and have spouses from the "other side". Perspective I The Art of the Enigmatic excerpt from the chapter  Savoir-Vivre :  Life as an Art Form in Joie de Vivre : Secrets of Wining, Dining, and Romancing Like the French by Harriet Welty Rochefort  (St. Martin’s Press) If there’s one thing that can drive an American, a German, or a Swede straight up the wall, it’s lack of clarity. Where are we going? What are we doing? Has the game plan been spelled out? We of the northern cultures love the clear-cut, the unam- biguous, the definitive, and the specific. Not the French. The French may be world experts on form, but conversely they are comfortable in situations that are vague, and ill at ease in situations where all is spelled out to the…
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Bicycle visibility – Darkness is coming

Darkness is coming - Bicycle visibility (for joggers too)! When daylight savings time ends and you have daylight from only 8 am to 4 pm there's a lot of bike riding to be done in the dark. How can you put the odds of being seen on your side? Bicycle visibility! Some things are pretty obvious: florescent shirt, reflective vest, headlights and tail lights. That's the minimum. But you can do more and with more panache too! I ride with multiple forms of light and reflectors and for that matter I use all of my visibility techniques during broad daylight too. You can never be too visible. Consider the following: Fashion? Yes you can! Ugly yellow construction vets? OUT! OUT! OUT! Put on something with style like a well-fitted multicolored vest from Rayon Jaune.

Who is Rayon Jaune? Béatrice: Ingénieuse ès produit. Béatrice worked in confecti…

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