Win a set of bed linen from La Chambre Paris – Giveaway!

Ian and his wife Alison launched La Chambre Paris in September 2019. They found buying high quality bed linen in France expensive (brands can be sold for up to 10x cost). They were also frustrated by the traditional model of buying in a big store plus returns only being available if it is in the original packaging was not consumer friendly. They firmly believe that brands should stand behind the quality of their products and offer people the chance to really test and try the bedding which is why you have 90 days to sleep, wash and fall in love with their bedding!

So they decided to create La Chambre Paris and found a factory that shared their values of exceptional quality, eco-responsibility and transparency. They developed a curated range of French washed linen, sateen and percale and brought in little details such as duvet ties and by cutting out all the middlemen they can sell to you at an affordable price. 

Now is the perfect time to refresh your b…

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Planète Gascogne by Perry Taylor

If you are headed to south west France for your summer vacation or if you've already been smitten by the area or if you appreciate rural France you'll get a kick out of the drawings by Perry Taylor - as he interprets life in Gascony through a whimsical British lens.

Perry Taylor was born in Oxford, England. He was a graphic designer and art director at design studios and advertising agencies in London and Amsterdam for 25 years. He now lives with his wife and chickens in the Hautes-Pyrénées, at the edge of the Gers. The tender and amusing observations of this renowned ‘Anglo-Gascon’ artist, capture the spirit of South West France in his warm and witty drawings, that always contain mischievous details of the locals, their lifestyle, culture, heritage and sports. Drawn in Indian ink and watercolor, his pen strokes provoke smiles from the French, who recognize themselves, as well as the international visitors who have discovered this special part of France.

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Having a baby in France (part 1)

Following our previous article about being pregnant in France, here are two more articles with some great books, applications and products that could be useful for you after having a baby in France!

This first part is about products. All the products mentioned here are made in France. (For more Made in France companies not related to babies we also have a series of articles on FUSAC : )

Diapers – What's more essential than diapers? It comes right after milk! Finding the right diapers can be quite difficult especially as we know so much about the toxicity of some of them and it is extremely worrying. Luckily, some great brands now make safe and non-toxic diapers. They all offer a subscription system so you can get the diapers delivered to your door! Here is a selection :

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Oh My God She’s Parisian ! 5 pairs of tickets to win

Oh My God She's Parisian !' is the only "one-woman show" 100% in English in Paris. See below to win tickets.What can motivate a former Parisian lawyer to change her profession and embark on a career that is so far from her initial background? 

After resigning Julie decided to take the stage and write a show about Paris. There was no show in Paris that talked about the real life of Parisians without going into the clichés about the city that everyone already knows... Because she previously lived in London, Chicago and New-York she has decided to do it in English so that non French-speaking people could enjoy it.

Julie's show is a great combination of stand-up, theatre, singing, mime and improvisation with the spectators. Besides, the show doesn't hesitate to address the latest news of the moment in France and Paris (what a funny testimony to the former President Chirac recently!). Julie will take you through a typical day in the li…

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Christmas gifts for you from FUSAC

Gifts for you from FUSAC! And Ideas for everyone on your list. Trouver des cadeaux de Noël pour toute la famille, ce n'est pas toujours tâche facile! Voici quelques idées de cadeaux pour tous : les enfants, les adolescents en passant par les adultes amoureux de jardinage, de bière ou de boissons chaudes!! Pour les enfants et adolescents :  Un Noël 100% animé : le kididoc des petits pour tout savoir sur Noël ! Pour découvrir l'univers de Noël grâce à : - des animations (illuminer la vitrine, décorer les sapin, faire avancer le traîneau du père Noël). - des matières à toucher (la barbe du père Noël). Prix : 11,95 euros Auteur : M. Billet Maison d'Edition  :  Nathan  Would you like Vive Noël for Christmas? Send an email to The first person to respond for each item (be sure to tell us which one!) will be on Santa FUSAC's list.

Une boîte renfermant un jeu de type quiz, composé de 100 cartes questions et du livret de répon…

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Win circus tickets! See Saloon!

This is not just any circus, it is a Quebecois circus! It is a Wild West circus with a story and it's going to be great fun! 85 minutes of sure shootin' rip roarin' thigh slappin' high energy entertainment with 8 acrobats and live musicians playing the music of Patsy Klein and Johnny Cash, a little Lead Belly too! What's this show that's not to be missed? Why it's the juggling-est, lasso-est, musical acrobatic adventure in the Wild West. In Cirque Éloize’s Saloon, the infectious energy of folk music sets the tone to an acrobatic comedy that sweeps the spectators away in a mad rush. Enigmatic, colorful characters come together and reveal themselves, resulting in a series of unexpected situations, unfolding to the rhythm of acrobatic prowess and original choreography. Under the spell of the saloon’s beautiful Belle, the lover sets off a chase worthy of the greatest Westerns. The lovebirds on the run wreak havoc everywhere on their path; from the deserted plains to the depth of…
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Valjean – Victor Hugo’s masterpiece on stage in English


Since Cosette - who married Marius, baron de Pontmercy - left, Jean Valjean lives alone. The old man, to whom life has lost its meaning, knows that his end is near. Recluse, he decides to write a letter to his son-in-law to reveal his identity, tell his terrible story, and give up his truth. It is an opportunity to relive the major moments of his life: his youth, nineteen years in jail, the amazing redemption, the social success... and again the tracking. From a fierce hate of the human race to the discovery of love, Valjean embodies the elevation of consciousness. He is an anti-hero who became a heroic icon, but he remains a human being above all and therefore, he is deeply vulnerable. For the first time in the form of a monologue, this adaptation of Les Misérables offers a new approach – simple, essential and intimate - of Victor Hugo’s masterpiece.

Performed in English by Christophe Delessart every Friday at 7:30pm, an exclusive…
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Expat memoirs

Thinking of moving to France or just want a laugh? Expat memoirs are good for both. Learn from those who have gone before you and have lived through the trials and jubilations of expat life in France. You can learn from their mistakes and enjoy their anecdotes "right from the horse's mouth". Or just commiserate! There are a lot of  English-speaking expats living in France, and many have written memoirs. Doing this is easier than ever now with self-publishing options. The currently trending expat memoir has been around for a long time though beginning it's upward climb as a genre with the still wonderful A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle published in 1989. French License by Joe Start Another book about adapting to life in France, but this time from the perspective of the Paris suburbs and through the trial of getting a driver's license. In fact the whole book is one long road trip. We are so relieved when after 262 pages, 10 years or mille bornes Joe finally gets his French li…
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