FUSAC celebrates 26 years

  FUSAC celebrates 26 years! The FUSAC brand began with a magazine containing classified ads and advertisements in September 1988. In 1998 - at the very beginning of the internet - we created a website. Today FUSAC is all web-based and we continue to serve the English-speaking communities (Americans, Brits, Canadians, Irish, Australians, New Zealanders, and many other nationalities who speak English as a second language) of Paris and the surrounding area. Over the first 25 years FUSAC produced and distributed 523 issues for over 20 million copies. Today 40,000 readers come to our website each month.  FUSAC is well-known for ads offering employment, childcare and housing. In addition, FUSAC contains ads and articles for all aspects of the English-speaking community: music, dance, theatre, courses in English and French, items for sale, meeting places, and much, much more . . .  with 26 years of experience in the center of the community FUSAC is your best contact with and …
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Interview with author Marie Houzelle

Marie Houzelle grew up in the south of France, but now lives just outside Paris in Ivry. Her stories and poems have appeared in Narrative Magazine, Best Paris Stories and many other publications and  compilations. "Hortense on Tuesday Night" was chosen by Narrative Magazine as one of the five top stories of 2011. Her novel Tita, about a 7 year old in the south of France in the 1950s is published this month. Marie tells us a little bit about herself and her Paris favorites our interview. Tita is seven, and she wonders what’s wrong with her. She has perfect parents. She revels in the Latin rituals of small-town Catholic life in the south of France in the late fifties. She puts on plays with her friends, spies on adults, challenges her teacher, manages to read forbidden books. She should be happy. But she dreams of a life without meals, and keeps worrying about her mother’s whereabouts, spoiling her own life for no reason at all. Is she a freak? Tita will be published by Summerti…
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How do you translate… ?

by Shari Leslie Segall Newcomers, stay with us here: you might need this some day. Old-timers, has something like the following happened to you? You’ve moved to France and after several weeks, your nice bakery-lady realizes that you’re not a tourist but a bona fide resident of the quartier. She’s always found you genial, so one day she tries her luck, saying in French, “I want to put a sign in the window about all our offerings, to attract English-speaking clients. I would be thrilled to translate it myself, as I know a bit of English, but I’m not familiar with specific words related to gastronomy. Could I ask you to do me a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig favor and translate it?  It’s not long-only three paragraphs.  That said, please feel free to say no.” Several months go by and you find a job. You get along well with everyone, from the floor sweeper all the way up to the CEO.  On your way out to lunch one day, the receptionist corrals you and says in French, “My son is looking for an …
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Interview with Lisa Vanden Bos of FUSAC

by Janet Skeslien-Charles

When you come to Paris and you want a job, an apartment, or a date, the best place to look is FUSAC, which is available in print and online. After living in Paris for over ten years (and no longer in need of a job, apartment or date), I still pick up FUSAC every month to check out the gorgeous photos and book reviews. I feel very lucky to interview Lisa Vanden Bos, one of the founders of the magazine. Like me, she spends time in Paris and Montana. Here, we talk about the challenges and rewards of working in France.

JSK: What brought you to Paris? What keeps you here? Lisa: Like so many I was a student then returned and stayed for love… my not-yet-husband John had set up here, he was starting a business on a wing and a prayer or more literally a bicycle and friend’s computer, an idea he named FUSAC (France-USA Contacts originally). I stay because Par…

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