Having a baby in France (part 2)

Here is part 2 of our article about having a baby in France. Part 1 was about products (https://www.fusac.fr/having-a-baby-in-france-part-1) and Part 2 is about resources: groups, apps and books that could be useful if you are having a baby in France! 

Being a parent is not always easy and it can feel quite lonely if you don't have enough support. It can be even more difficult if you are an English speaker having a baby in France! The support group Message started in 1984 with a few young English-speaking mothers wanting to connect with others for support in raising their children while living away from local customs, traditions and family. In the past 35 years, it has grown into a vibrant and thriving community of parents who continue, year after year, to support one another, share openly, forge new friendships, and build bright futures for families in France. You can join as an individual (50 euros for a new member) or as a family (70 euros) for 12 months. Message runs hu…

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Having a baby in France (part 1)

Following our previous article about being pregnant in France, here are two more articles with some great books, applications and products that could be useful for you after having a baby in France!

This first part is about products. All the products mentioned here are made in France. (For more Made in France companies not related to babies we also have a series of articles on FUSAC : https://www.fusac.fr/category/made-in-france/ )

Diapers – What's more essential than diapers? It comes right after milk! Finding the right diapers can be quite difficult especially as we know so much about the toxicity of some of them and it is extremely worrying. Luckily, some great brands now make safe and non-toxic diapers. They all offer a subscription system so you can get the diapers delivered to your door! Here is a selection :

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English-speaking blog for au pairs in Paris

UltimateAuPair.com is a collaborative English-speaking blog for au pairs in Paris. The concept behind Ultimate Au Pair is the formation of a ‘mega-blog’, where independent au pair writers can blog about their adventures, allowing others to read first-hand accounts of real Parisian au pair life, from a variety of viewpoints, and all without having to scroll through endless pages on search engines. Each blogger at Ultimate Au Pair is a current or former au pair, meaning that writing styles vary, and this has formed a blog of two halves: informative ‘how to’ style posts and reflective posts on everyday life. The blog began as a reaction to the large number of au pairs who unfortunately find themselves in less than ideal working conditions, unhappy with their choice of family, or generally confused about certain aspects of au pair life. Whilst there are numerous other ways for au pairs in Paris to seek advice, the answers to their questions seem to be spread out across various b…
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