Atelier des Lumières Journeys Around the Mediterranean

Immersive is the right word.

You are immersed in a very dark room and must let your vision adjust then you begin to see light, hear sound and things move. You are surrounded by Monet, Renoir, Chagall, Dufy. By the Mediterranean. You are immersed in the sea of light. Then you hear Ella Fitzgerald sing “Summertime” and you resurface to sing and even dance. You are immersed in what is going on around you. You don't want to leave.

‘Monet, Renoir, and Chagall: Journeys Around the Mediterranean’© Culturespaces/Nuit de Chine Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Le Lavandou (detail), 1894, oil on canvas, private collection; Claude Monet: Woman With Umbrella Turned Towards the Right (detail), 1886, oil on canvas, 131 x 88 cm, Musée d’Orsay, Paris; Antibes (detail), 1888, oil on canvas, 65.5 x 92,4 cm, Samuel Courtauld Trust, The Courtauld Gallery, London; Palm Trees at Bordighera (detail), circa 1884, oil on canvas, 61.3 x 74 cm, private collection, Photo © Lefevre Fine Art Ltd.,…
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Laughter in France

Laughter is the best medicine. Reflections on laughter in France, the land of La Vache qui rit!

Première-affiche-par-B.Rabier,-1924,-Maison-de-la-Vache-qui-Rit.-©-MVQR The city of Bordeaux seems to be the center of laughter in France

One might say Bordeaux likes to laugh more than elsewhere in France. The city is host to the Festival Les Fous Rires de Bordeaux 14-21 March 2020 and just concluded the exhibition "Rire!" at their science and nature Muséum. But Bordeaux doesn't own the market there are many other spots are also holding festivals in 2020, for some funny reason most are in March!

Festival d'Humour de Paris 14-24 March Le Printemps du Rire in Toulouse 6 March - 5 April 36ème Festival Mont-Blanc d'Humour 23-26 March Les Vendanges …
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