Moving to Paris or France

Moving to Paris

So you are moving to the city of light! Good news! However, Paris and the French organization in general can be painful for the unprepared. Several Japanese tourists moving to Paris have suffered the so-called “Paris syndrome” - a shock after discovering the difference between the dream city they imagined and the reality of Paris. For example unsafe streets (compared to Japan perhaps, but Paris is not unsafe compared to many other cities), a crowded metro and administrative hassle. The following guide lists some frequent questions newcomers ask when moving to Paris or France.

How to find an apartment?

First, choose the area! Paris is divided into arrondissements from 1st to 20th, often written in roman numerals:

I, II, III, IV, V, VI are very central, with mostly old pre-Hausmann Parisian buildings. They are well suited for wealthy students or workers, but don't even imagine parking a car.VII, VIII, XIV, XV, XVI and XVII are usuall…
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Break in?! Pickpocketed? Emergency?! Bike stolen?!

Break in?! Pickpocketed? Emergency?! Bike stolen?!

Was your apartment or vehicle broken into? Your bag or car stolen? Your home tagged with grafitti? We certainly hope not, but sometimes it is necessary to make a police declaration for theft or damage. The good news is that you can do a pre-declaration online and avoid waiting at the commissariat. Not only will you save time by not having to personally go to the station and wait in line, you can also fill out the form calmly in your own home with a dctionary handy and without pressure to speak French. Once the pre-declaration is transmitted you will be contacted within 24 hours by a police agent who will process the complaint then ask you to stop by to sign (within a month) and finalize the complaint. I can personally vouch for the efficacity of this system. I used it when my bike was stolen. It makes making a complaint quite simple and stress free and thus encourages actually &…

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Paris Quotes (France, La Seine …)

Paris Quotes (France, La Seine too) To be Parisian is not to have been born in Paris, but to be reborn there. — Sacha Guitry ... here's what Paris is: it is a giant reference work, a city which you can consult like an encyclopaedia: whatever page you open gives you a complete list of information that is richer than that offered by any other city. Take the shops... in Paris there are cheese shops where hundreds of cheeses, all of them different, are displayed, each labelled with its own name, cheeses covered in ash, cheeses covered in walnuts: a kind of museum or Louvre of cheese... Above all this is a triumph of the spirit of classification and nomenclature. So if tomorrow I start writing about cheese, I can go out and consult Paris like an enormous cheese encyclopaedia. -- Italo Calvino in Hermit in Paris Two days and three endless nights later we arrived in Paris... Paris looked much bigger than Bordeaux, but much uglier. The bread tasted flat. Everything, even the sun, seem…
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Please don’t just throw everything in the garbage

Zero waste

There's a Zero waste boutique in Paris, 3 rue Charles Nodier 75018, which proposes ateliers, information, products and ideas for moving your day to day towards zero waste. The association Zero waste France which runs the boutique has all kinds of different campaigns to reduce waste most of them are initiatives to not use containers or distribute flyers in the first place. The association is also a great place to volunteer or make monetary a contribution.

But sometimes we have waste, we have to get rid of things no longer useful to us. So here's some ideas as to how to clean up and clean out by sending things you are don't with to either proper disposal facilities or passing them on to others who just might find your garage to be just what they need.

Please don’t just throw everything in the garbage

Some items need a few minutes reflection for proper waster disposal. For example according to Eco-Systemes one refrigerator that is no…

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Rental Lease and contract in France

Recent news: The City of Paris is constantly trying to better or at least adjust the rental system. In an attempt to make Paris less expensive to live in they are now reinstating rent ceilings for a 5 year test period for all new or renewed leases signed as of July 1st, 2019. You can find out the average price of rent in an area given in price per month per square meter based on the address, size and age of the building which you put into the rent calculator (in French).

Also recently created is also a new type of lease called the Bail Mobilité. This rental lease applies only to furnished rentals that are a maximum of 10 months. There is no security deposit and rents must be within the regular ceilings. The lease must state why this type of lease is needed. If the rental goes past ten months, it becomes a normal furnished apartment lease renewable annually.

Once you have found your apartment in France it is time to sign the lease. Below yo…

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ECLA, the best housing option in the South of Paris

ECLA, the best housing option in the South of Paris

Discover our studios, duplex or shared apartments that will meet your expectations. Located right at the gates of Paris, the brand new accommodations and the unique concept of co-living of the Campus Ecla are just waiting for you! Enjoy the free-access sports areas, the food court or the co-working space. Ecla's staff take pride in assisting every member of the Ecla Team and welcoming talented individuals from all over the world. Our excellent partner Science Accueil assists the international members of our community in all administrative matters and other aspects of settling in through its ground-floor office on Ecla campus. Languages classes are offered on campus as well to help members eager to learn French.

Accommodations from studio apartments to 4 bed-apartments. Located 30 minutes from the center of Paris, Ecla Campus has a direct access to public tr…
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Location d’appartement avec Absolutely Parisian

Location d'appartement avec Absolutely Parisian

Depuis quelques mois la loi Alur a tout simplement métamorphosé le marché de l'immobilier. Bien difficile pour les propriétaires aujourd'hui de louer sereinement son bien.

Ces nouvelles mesures touchent aussi bien la location vide que meublée.

Ainsi, Absolutely Parisian devient un partenaire de premier ordre pour y faire face et vous aider avec votre location d'appartement. Absolutely Parisian, agence à taille humaine, composée d’une équipe dynamique et disponible saura répondre à vos interrogations et vos inquiétudes. La clientèle de l’agence est composée essentiellement de sociétés et clients Premium pour loger des cadres expatriés ou en mobilité géographique.

Face aux changements liés à la loi Alur, en particulier honoraires d'agence et en…

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Smoke detector countdown

We have had a smoke detector in our suburban Paris home for many years – it seems “normal” to me, but I realized how unusual its actually was when my housekeeper reported a mouse sound coming from the landing one day while we were on a trip. Thinking that we probably didn't have mice, but not wanting this sound to go without investigation I asked a neighbor to stop by. They couldn't figure it out. The next week my housekeeper saw nothing new and yet heard the peep again. I was quite perplexed, but since there were no other signs I did not pursue the matter. Upon arriving at home and going upstairs I immediately heard the beep of the the smoke detector reminding us to change an expiring battery. A few mintues later I burst out laughing as I realized that the smoke detector was the mouse. The incident made me realize that smoke detectors were not very common. In fact, in France only two percent of homes are fitted with detectors as opposed to 97 percent in Norway and 88 percen…
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FUSAC celebrates 26 years

  FUSAC celebrates 26 years! The FUSAC brand began with a magazine containing classified ads and advertisements in September 1988. In 1998 - at the very beginning of the internet - we created a website. Today FUSAC is all web-based and we continue to serve the English-speaking communities (Americans, Brits, Canadians, Irish, Australians, New Zealanders, and many other nationalities who speak English as a second language) of Paris and the surrounding area. Over the first 25 years FUSAC produced and distributed 523 issues for over 20 million copies. Today 40,000 readers come to our website each month.  FUSAC is well-known for ads offering employment, childcare and housing. In addition, FUSAC contains ads and articles for all aspects of the English-speaking community: music, dance, theatre, courses in English and French, items for sale, meeting places, and much, much more . . .  with 26 years of experience in the center of the community FUSAC is your best contact with and …
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Paris Apartments: Glossary of French-English terms

Paris Apartment: Glossary of French-English terms To help English speaking renters and owners to wend their way through contracts and advertisements as the hunt for the Paris apartment moves along FUSAC has compiled a glossary of terms for Housing. accusé de réception: receipt that is signed by the recipient of a letter and sent back to the send as proof of reception acompte: advance payment, down payment agence immobilière: estate agency [UK], real estate agency [US] ancien: built more than 20 years ago appareils électriques: appliances appartement vide: unfurnished flat [UK], unfurnished apartment [US] armoire: storage cabinet assurance habitation: homeowner's or renter's insurance. Note: it is obligatory for renters to have an insurance policy. bail, contrat de location (plural = baux): (rental) lease / contract bien immobilier: property box: enclosed parking space with a locked door cage d'escalier: stairwell canapé: sofa, settee canapé-lit, canapé convertible, clic-clac:…
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