Get out of Town: Antwerp

There are hundreds of cities you could visit on a 2 hour flight from Paris that will give you a feeling of really getting away, but fewer are accessible on a 2 hour train ride. Antwerp (or Anvers in French) is in Belgium, our neighbor to the north, is one that is just far enough away to be a complete change of scenery, yet close enough for a 3 day visit. First of all the language. They speak Flemish there and they are proud of it. They are also proud to be able to help you in English or French. We personally enjoy getting wrapped up in a different language and learning a few new words. We've got quite a repertoire now in Dutch including slagroom (whipped cream) and winkelwagen (shopping cart). Wouldn't they'd be great names for cats? So what's to see in Antwerp? A large variety of different things from different periods. Art and industry (this is the third largest port in Europe). A strong food culture. There is of course a cathedral, but this one is worth visiting, even if …
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