Rock en Seine Festival – Domaine National de St Cloud

rock en seine (1)The Rock en Seine festival is a three-day rock music festival, held at Domaine National de Saint-Cloud. The name is a pun, based on exactly the same pronunciation in French of the words “scène” meaning stage and the river Seine. 

It all started in 2003. At the time, the festival was just one day with 2 stages and 10 bands. The following year the festival became a two-day festival. In 2007 it became a three-day festival with over 50.000 people attending. Rock en Seine became more and more popular with time and for the new edition, they expect over 100.000 people in 3 days with 5 stages and over 60 artists! If you are going for 3 days you can also choose to camp on the festival site!


This year, the festival did a big advertisng campaign on the metro! Indeed, the station Duroc cleverly became DuROCK
with band posters on the walls and music played on the platform !

If you love rock you will love the line-up! This headliners are Arctic Monkeys, The Prodigy and Queens of the Stone Age. Will also be present young artists such as Jake Bugg, Lana Del Rey, Royal Blood, Blood Red Shoes. If you are nostalgic, the band Blondie will be playing as well!

We hope they won’t have any bad luck this year as unfortunately the festival has had its fair share of it in the past! Indeed in 2007, Amy Winehouse cancelled her anticipated participation and in 2009, Oasis, who was headlining, cancelled their show after a fight backstage that lead to the band splitting up!! (I was there!)

Practical Information :

Rock En Seine
22-23-24 August
The 3-day tickets are sold out but you can still buy a 1-day ticket! Hurry up though!

LIGNE 10 : Gare d’Austerlitz / Boulogne – Pont de St Cloud
Stop : Boulogne – Pont de St-Cloud