Rising stars of music in France

Three of the rising stars of music in France are an American, an Australian and a Monsieur. Three different styles all inspiring and uplifting.

Music in France

Robyn Bennett: Glow

The new American star of music in France is Robyn Bennett : It is in Algiers Point, one of the oldest neighborhoods of New Orleans that GLOW was made. Nine months later Robyn BENNETT’s new album was born … rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis in Paris! Inspired by the sounds, images, smells, vibrations of the Big Easy (the nickname of New Orleans), Robyn Bennett and her accomplice Ben van Hille started writing GLOW with the common desire to return to their roots, to make music together, music that comes from the soul, that sounds authentic and goes straight to the gut.
Like the music she sings, writes and composes, Robyn Bennett is a burst of joy with great sensitivity. In line with the great American voices, the beautiful redhead radiates contagious music, catchy melodies, simple and touching poetry. An exceptional voice with a powerful and sensual tone. The new album “Glow” came out on January 25, 2019 (City Music / Differ-Ant) with twelve tracks of unstoppable efficiency and instinctive groove. In this musical journey to the confines of jazz, swing and soul, Robyn succeeds in renewing the genre with finesse and modernity. Robyn is currently touring France and will be in Montrouge near Paris (her current home base) mid-June.
More info about GLOW in a youtube video : https://youtu.be/vsMBdBf9GcA

Music in France

Sarah McKenzie : Secrets of My Heart

Music in France inspires Sarah McKenzie and Sarah McKenzie inspires music. After the huge success of Paris in the Rain, Sarah McKenzie, the 31-year-old gifted pianist-singer-songwriter is back with a new album, Secrets of My Heart.
For the recording of “Secrets of my Heart” in New York, the French influenced Australian Sarah McKenzie has joined a cosmopolitan ensemble of international musicians based in the United States.
The album begins with McKenzie’s meticulous interpretation of “You Only Live Twice” by John Barry and Leslie Bricusse, which features McKenzie’s superb piano as well as her seductive vocals. It also features an exquisite metamorphosis of Stanley Styne and Donal Kahn’s classic “A beautiful friendship”, as well as a foray into the film Dinah Washington “Like on Home” by Dinah Washington.
She concludes “Secrets of My Heart with” a tribute to another hero, George Gershwin, with “The Gershwin Medley”, an instrumental on which she synthesizes “Rhapsody in Blue”, “Summertime”, “The Man I Love” and “I Got Rhythm”!
Here is Sarah McKenzie’s favorite track on the record “Till The end of Time” that shows her love for Brazilian music : https://youtu.be/iaKIFjl1tYQ

Music in France

MONSIEUR: Different

MONSIEUR: His name sounds like a tribute to a relative distant that was nicknamed Miss: Coco Chanel. But the elegance of this multi-instrumental singer, originally from Montpellier, expresses itself more in its haute-couture groove than in its wardrobe. After 5 years of classical piano, then juggling on his turntables and mixer, this rising star of music in France discovered the power of pop choruses and dance. Then Prince’s twirling creativity pushed the teenager into the arms of a guitar with which he composes his first titles. While in Paris studying sound engineering, at age 20 Monsieur engineered his first album. He’s passionate about working in the studio and embraces a variety of styles from soul and funk to rock 70’s and the sophisticated harmonies of English pop. For his fifth album, DIFFERENT, released in May 2019, Monsieur has chosen to sharpen riffs, rhythms and choruses (mostly in English) and more completely turned to the dance floor. The album is a mix of irresistible electro-funk with robotic beats in the title “Sorry”, acid-jazz in “My Dope”, plus pop soul addictive in “Youjustneedsomeonelikeme”. But, the Frenchman whether alone in the studio, or accompanied on stage by Emmanuel Demangeon on drums and Hugo Speaks on bass can also melt hearts in agile ballads (Your regret) and moving (Right On). En grand Monsieur.
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