Paris Fringe – A festival of international theatre in English

Paris Fringe
May 17-28, 2017
A festival of international theatre in English


After the success and critical acclaim of the first edition, Paris Fringe returns in 2017 from Thursday, May 18th to Sunday, May 28th, in the 9th and 10th arrondissements of Paris, France. With another sterling program of spectacular shows hosted in popular venues such as Les Feux de la Rampe theatre, Theatre Du Gymnase and the Kibele, the Paris Fringe is continuing to flourish by discovering new spaces to promote a wider variety of performances. The festival features both international work and France-based companies with a focus on innovative approaches to theatre and an emphasis on contemporary themes in English. This year also marks the introduction of the FREE FRINGE programme which gives even more opportunities to up and coming performers and theatre makers, guaranteeing that the Parisian audience remains spoilt for choice.

The 2017 programme includes Paris based theatre ensembles such as AMT Live and The Big Funk Company and solo theatre makers such as Caspar Schjelbred and Elizabeth Wautlet with their intelligent, moving and inspiring original works. But the international line-up is also something to keep an eye out for, with companies such as Pelican Theatre Company (UK), Liquid Fusion (South Africa), How Drama (Singapore) and Iskra theatre company (Bulgaria)! The full programme is available here.

The first edition of the Paris Fringe, a festival of international theatre in English, took place in the 9th arrondissement in Paris in partnership with the theatre Les Feux de la Rampe in May, 2016. 2017 sees the return of the Paris Fringe for the 2nd edition with even more shows, venues and partners. Organised by a team of international theatre makers based in France, led by artistic directors Dom Douglas and Reka Polonyi, the Paris Fringe is about bringing people together. With artists coming from around the world, it is an opportunity for a diverse group of local and international writers, directors, performers and choreographers to learn from each other and share new ways of working.

Fringe is a globally recognized type of theatre festival. Beginning in Edinburgh in the late 1940s, the format developed
throughout the twentieth century into a carnival of arts and performance before inspiring others around the world. There are now fringe festivals in New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Prague and other major cities worldwide but Paris had yet to establish a festival of its own to welcome work in English. The Paris Fringe festival answers a need to provide a collaborative space for international and local artists working in English, to gather once a year and present their work in the French capital. It’s a time to celebrate international collaboration and artistic experimentation through exciting and innovative theatre.

Les Feux de la Rampe is the main theatre venue partner for the 2nd edition of the Paris Fringe. Located at 34 Rue Richer, in the 9th arrondissement in Paris, close to the Opera and the Grands Boulevards district, the venue has four theatres as well as workshop spaces.