Ecole Perceval: Open House

Ecole Perceval in Chatou

Discover the world of Steiner-Waldorf education during our open house on March 7th.

Ecole PercevalSteiner-Waldorf education at Ecole Perceval in Chatou recognizes the « whole child », the intellect, the emotions and the physical, which is sometimes expressed as « head, heart and hands ». The pedagogy has 5 main objectives :

  • Awaken and develop the creative abilities of each child.Perceval-img4
  • Encourage children to be independent at each stage of their development.
  • Encourage children to develop as full members of society, confident and happy in their surroundings.
  • Stimulate in pupils a desire to learn, based on lively teaching and artistic presentation of material.
  • Offer pupils a wide range of activities, allowing children to develop their own talents, according to the individual nature of each child.

In addition to classical courses, taught in an artistic way Ecole Perceval in Chatou offers: Music, painting, modeling, woodwork, steelwork, fabric work, acting, 2 languages from 2nd grade on.
Travels, internships, language exchanges.
Organic food

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