Oh My God She’s Parisian ! 5 pairs of tickets to win

Oh My God She’s Parisian !’ is the only “one-woman show” 100% in English in Paris. See below to win tickets.

What can motivate a former Parisian lawyer to change her profession and embark on a career that is so far from her initial background? 

After resigning Julie decided to take the stage and write a show about Paris. There was no show in Paris that talked about the real life of Parisians without going into the clichés about the city that everyone already knows… Because she previously lived in London, Chicago and New-York she has decided to do it in English so that non French-speaking people could enjoy it.

Oh My God She's Parisian - the first one woman show in Paris 100% in English by a real Parisian, Julie Collas.

Julie’s show is a great combination of stand-up, theatre, singing, mime and improvisation with the spectators. Besides, the show doesn’t hesitate to address the latest news of the moment in France and Paris (what a funny testimony to the former President Chirac recently!). Julie will take you through a typical day in the life of a Parisian: kids education, Parisian dinner, working in Paris, President Macron, the yellow vests … Julie will also give you all the keys to understand why Parisians are born pessimists, why it is so difficult to find large sizes in shops, why Parisian pigeons are hated, why Parisians go crazy behind the wheel of their car… In short, after the show you will be more Parisians than ever! Fasten your seat belt for 65 minutes of very Parisian non-PC  humour!

As already 10,000 spectators from all over the world and from Paris, you will love “Oh my god she’s Parisian!”

Oh My God She's Parisian - the first one woman show in Paris 100% in English by a real Parisian, Julie Collas.

Win 5 X 2 tickets with FUSAC by sending us an email to fusac.office@gmail.com with your replies to 3 questions (until October 30th) :

1° What was Julie’s former profession?
2° Where did she live abroad?
3° How many spectators already attended her show?

Practical Information :
Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday at Théâtre BO 19 Blvd Saint-Martin (Métro République) tél: (English spoken). Tickets from 18€ available on all websites (theatrebo.frtheatreinparis.comparisinfo.comviator.combilletreduc.comfnacspactacles.comtheatreonline.com, ticketac.com…)