New bilingual education 6th grade class

Looking for bilingual education? A new French/English bilingual and bicultural 1st year of secondary school (6th grade / year 7) class is opening in Paris at the historic Collège Sévigné in September 2015.

This section will welcome bilingual pupils, coming from bilingual families or having become bilingual due to immersion schooling. A good oral and written proficiency in both French and English is required in order to be able to attend this section.
By opening this class, Collège Sévigné will not only enable French/English bilingual pupils to study in their two languages, but it will also propose them a bicultural educational approach.

Pupils graduating from this section will be able to pursue their schooling as well in the French Education System as in the Anglo-Saxon Education System.
Collège Sévigné being a historic private secondary school under state contract, teaching will be based on the national curriculum of the Ministry of Education.
Classes will be distributed so that the pupils will follow 60 % of them in French and 40 % of them in English:

Pupils will be able to pursue their bilingual and bicultural schooling throughout the entire secondary school.
During the four years of Junior high school, teaching will be organised along the same lines as the French/English bilingual and bicultural 6th grade. However, the programme will be adapted to the objectives of the secondary school studies: the pupils will be instructed in order to prepare and to obtain the French General Certificate of Secondary Education.
Furthermore, by the end of college (9th grade / year 10), the language proficiency level of our students in both French and English should be B2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The pupils will also have the possibility to pursue their schooling throughout the high school and prepare for:
– GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in 2nd class (10th grade / year 11)
– Cambridge English Proficiency in 1st class (11th grade / year 12)
– International Option Baccalaureate in 1st and Terminale classes (12th grade / year 13)

Admission applications must reach us by February 4th 2015.

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