New Album : The Killers – Wonderful, Wonderful (Win a CD)

The famous band from Las Vegas is releasing their brand new album today. 5 years after « Battle Born », The Killers recorded « Wonderful Wonderful » in both Vegas and LA with Jacknife Lee who also produced bands such as U2 or REM.

We were teased with the first single called « The Man » – an upbeat disco track where Brandon Flowers, the extravagant frontman, seems to be making fun of his old cocky self. Shortly after, the band unveiled another track « Run For Cover » that will certainly please the fans as it sounds just like a classic Killers song. Not only the band is releasing a new album today but they’ve also announced a Europe tour this week with tickets available from today ! They will be playing at Le Zenith in Paris on March 3rd 2018. Tickets are selling fast… The US and UK tours are already sold out !

Album review :

I started to love the band just over 10 years ago after hearing them at Live 8 playing the iconic song « All These Things That I Love » . The band was a very young band then and had only released their first album « Hot Fuss » that brought them a lot of success. 10 years later their style has evolved so much that it is sometimes hard to believe it is the same band ! One can only feel a little bit sad seeing the CD booklet as Dave, the guitarist, is nowhere to be seen on the pictures. Not a big surprise as he recently announced that he won’t be touring with the band anymore. Mark, the bassist, won’t be touring either but he was still actively involved in the making of the record in the studio.

The album is mainly dedicated to Brandon Flower’s wife and her struggle with depression. Don’t worry, it does not mean that all the songs are sad. It actually starts very well with the title-track « Wonderful, Wonderful » that is one of the strongest tracks on the album. It is a dark and melodic song that reminds me of « Tranquilize », a powerful Killers’ song featuring Lou Reed. Among the best tracks, « Run For Cover » is an epic Springsteen-like song with U2’s arena-filling atmospherics. As said above, it is a classic Killers song with a great synth finish. It will undeniably be one of the highlights of the new live tour ! « Tyson VS Douglas » and « The Calling » are also part of my favorite tracks – both great songs with catchy melodies. The latter has the cinematic feel that The Killers evoke so well. It’s what they do best. « The Man » is probably the most funky song on the album that could have easily be part of « The Desired Effect », Brandon Flower’s solo album released in 2015. Only The Killers have the ability of releasing songs that you think are too-much at first and you always end up loving them in the end. Their real power is live as they also manage to completely transform the songs to make the audience go wild. As often with the band, I’m a little bit unsure if the album is great or not so good after a couple of listens as they generally release « a grower » that reveals itself listen after listen. So, give it time – I know I will.

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