Interview with Marjorie Hache from OÜI FM

Marjorie Hache

Marjorie Hache from OÜI FM

is half French, half Scottish and a radio broadcaster. She grew up between the two countries and is currently based in Paris where she hosts UK Beats, Monday-Friday 10-11pm on OÜI FM.

We had the pleasure of interviewing her!

Hello Marjorie, When, Where and How did you find out about FUSAC ? 
Probably the early 2000s when I accompanied some American friends to a US-style bagel place. There weren’t many back then and they had a pile of FUSACs. I remember flicking through it years later looking for summer jobs.
Where were you born ?
Edinburgh, Scotland.
How did you become a music journalist / broadcaster ? 
I wanted to work in radio from the age of 13/14, so after making up dream radios and fake shows with a tape player, I set about getting work experience which was easier to get in London than in Paris (merci l’administration française). When I was 18, I moved to Glasgow where I studied History and Politics and was super involved with the student radio “Subcity”. I then did a postgrad in journalism before moving back to France where I worked for five years as a “serious news” journalist.
When did you start working for OUI FM ? 
Autumn 2012, after a few years in news, I realised that I (still) really wanted to have my own music show. OÜI FM was one of the three main radios I listened to growing-up so I sent them a demo for a British rock show. Luckily for me they liked it and UK Beats went to air for the first time six months later.
What is the most satisfying thing about working for a big radio such as OUI FM ?
OÜI FM is actually a small radio. It’s not part of a big French media groupe but it does have a “big” reputation for launching the careers of some bands and even French presenters/actors.
That said, people shouldn’t get into radio or journalism for fame or money. They’re rarely part of the package.
Perks include getting to listen to records before everyone else,  interviewing artists and free gig tickets. People telling me they found out about a band, learnt something or simply enjoyed the music whilst listening to my show, makes me pretty happy.
Can you tell us a few words about « UK Beats » ?
UK Beats is a British music show which focuses on what’s coming out Britain from upcoming bands to the nation’s big favourites. We also throw in some old classics for good measure and regularly feature interviews with musicians.
What did/do you parents do ?
My mother was a tapestry weaver turned art teacher and my father was a lobbyist/consultant for an organisation that represents islands and maritime areas on a EU level.
We saw that you love the 60’s (we do too !) – what do you love so much about that era ?
Other than the social cultural shifts that were taking place historically… It’s such an aesthetically pleasing era be it the music, art and fashion. The shapes, the cuts and the colours. From the mod look to the amazing beehives. And don’t get me started on TV series or films. My wardrobe is heavily inspired by 60s (male) rockstars as well as Anna Karina and Françoise Hardy. That said I wouldn’t have wanted to be a woman in the 60s. Thankfully Punk came along…
What is your nationality ? Do you feel more French or Scottish ? 
I have dual nationality: British and French. I feel strongly French and Scottish but I think every dual national has a slightly dominant side and I would say mine is Scottish. That said in France I’m by default the Scottish girl and in the UK the French girl. My personality quirks are often blamed on the opposite nationality though they are probably just me.
What is your chief characteristic ? 
Depends on what day you ask. You’re perhaps better off asking people who know me as I feel I would put forward the characteristics I want to have…or the ones that irritate me.
What proves you are French ? What proves that you are Scottish ?
French: Cheese BEFORE dessert (always) and sometimes I moan quite a lot but the latter might be more to do with being Parisian.
Scottish: Not being too bothered about the cold and not being into really hot weather. Maybe my sense of humour is more Scottish.
What is your favorite occupation other than work ?
Hanging out with my friends ranks highly along with reading in bed or in the bath, going for walks, perving on dogs and cat- sitting….Oh and strangely now Bikram Yoga. Don’t judge me! If I didn’t live in a city, horse riding would be up there.
Favorite place to eat in Paris?
Friends of mine have recently opened a tiny wine bar called Un Vinito rue Reaumur which also does small tapas style dishes. So I’ve been spending a lot of time there. It’s the kind of place where your Sunday accidentally turns into Friday.
What music puts you in a good mood?
No style in particular. Some days I’m down for classical music others for heavy metal or minimalist electro. Soul Jazz Record compilations (x00% dynamite), Air and Massive Attack are great for mornings when you’re recovering from the night before while Gangsta Rap and Gershwin seem to drive me when I need to get stuff done.
It’s easier to tell you what would put me in a bad mood : Zumba music, the “Friends theme tune”and most things in the French charts.
A female icon?
Oh no…. I have so many…
I’ve just interviewed Debbie Harry who is undeniably the coolest but can I please add Shirley Manson and Diana Rigg and sprinkle them with Ab Fab? Can I slip in some authors and politicians too?…Argh horrible question.
A good reason to like Scottish people ?
Like all nationalities, there are amazing people and there are arseholes but the Scottish people I know are kind, generous and will know how to take the piss out of you brilliantly.
Who incarnates France for you ? 
In 2017 the pickings are few. Can I go with Voltaire?
Who incarnates Scotland ?
In 2017: I think Nicola Sturgeon is doing a fine job as First Minister.
How do you use social networks such as Twitter, Facebook ? 
I have taken facebook off my phone but still spend more time than I like on it when I’m on a computer. I don’t post as much these days but I’m a generous “liker”.  Twitter is mostly for work but I occasionally post nonsense. I sometimes fall into an Instagram time trap or warp where I spend ages scrawling through Whippet, Horsey, travel and 60s themed accounts and even occasionally pages that belong to people I don’t know at all. That’s a terrible waste of valuable reading time.
Marjorie Hache, What is your next project?
There are a few but they are slow burning projects which may never take off…That said, working for OÜI FM was a teenage dream, so I suppose some of them, if you really want them,  do come true.
PS for Marjorie Hache from FUSAC: There’s a riding club and stable in Boulogne-Billancourt, M° Pont de Sevres!