Malala Andrialavidrazana – Carte Blanche at Citéco, Paris

Cité de l’Economie, first interactive museum dedicated to economics, opened in June, at 1, Place du Général-Catroux, 75017 with a space for temporary shows.

The inaugural show, the work of photographer Malala Andrialavidrazana, born in Madagascar in 1971 and based in Paris, features her series Figures begun in 2015. Here she explores the link between her personal history and cultural identity. Malala invents a kind of poetic imagery of decolonialization using visual allusions.

2. Figures, 1850, Various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics, 2015, Pigment Print on Hahnenmuhle Cotton Rag, 110×138,5 cm

Malala Andrialavidrazana graduated from the Parisian Ecole d’architecture de La Villette in 1996, specializing in photography. The artist creates colorful collages with her collection of bank-notes, fragments of images, old maps, record covers, stamps and various papers, then uses delicate photomontage to fix the images on Hahnenmuhle cotton rag, creating collectible object. She is represented by Galerie Caroline Smulders.

5. Figures, 1861,  Natural History of mankind 2016, Pigment Print on Hahnenmuhle Cotton Rag, 120x 130cm

Malala Andrialavidrazana rapidly gained prestigious prizes like the HSBC award and is widely published, among others, by renowned Actes Sud in 2004. She continues to attract attention at cultural festivals world-wide such as Les Rencontres de Bamako (Mali 2015), or in Berlin, China, Sweden, Italy, leading up to New York in 2019 at the Aperture Foundation.

At Citéco, Figures, explores Andrialavidrazana’s unique vision of colonial heritage and its impact on the eurocentric view of the contemporary world. The stark contrast between western viewpoints and that of former colonies inspires Malala to present visual accounts of intercultural relationships, contributing to the act of decolonializing images of newly emerging nations, like the Malagasy Republic.

Figures, 1852, River Systems of the World, 2018, Pigment Print on Hahenmuhle Cotton Rag, 110x140cm.

The show Figures of ten large works at Citéco is part of the Month of Photography in Paris. More of Malala’s work will be shown at booth A29 of Galerie Caroline Smulders during Paris Photo between 7 and 10 November at the Grand Palais.

Article by Kunang Helmi

La Cité de l’Economie
1, Place du Général Catroux
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