Having a baby in Paris

This is the second of a three part series of articles about being Pregnant in France and having a baby in Paris

Part 1 Pregnant in France: Healthcare and procedures

Part 2 Having a Baby in Paris: Baby Products Made in France

Part 3 Having a Baby in Paris: Resources groups, apps and books that could be useful if you are having a baby in France! 

This first part is about products. All the products mentioned here are made in France. (For more Made in France companies not related to babies we also have a series of articles on FUSAC : https://fusac.net/fusacfr/category/made-in-france/ )


What’s more essential than diapers? It comes right after milk! Finding the right diapers can be quite difficult especially as we know so much about the toxicity of some of them and it is extremely worrying. Luckily, some great brands now make safe and non-toxic diapers. They all offer a subscription system so you can get the diapers delivered to your door! Here is a selection :

baby in ParisTidoo launched their 1st environmentally-friendly and baby skin-friendly diaper in 2016. The composition has no harmful ingredients: 0% Latex, Chlorine, GMOs, Petrolatum, Lotion, Perfume. They have a 12 hour anti-leak performance tested several times by independent laboratories (and myself!). They are also committed to great causes such as Le Rire Medecin association which takes clowns to perform for hospitalised children. You can find them in organic shops such as Naturalia or Bio C’ Bon or subscribe directly on their website (49,99 euros) to received your nappies depending on how many per day you need. I personaly use this brand and I’m absolutely delighted. They are non-irritant and my son has never had a rash. The 12 hour anti-leak performance is truly respected as the nappy will last all night if needed! For newborns, they also offer a Wetness indicator: pH indicator turns blue in contact with urine. Granted, they are disposable so not perfect but they still make great environmental efforts. Indeed, their absorbent topsheet is 60% made of natural cellulose from sustainably managed forests and their ecological bag is made of 80% recycled materials. I couldn’t recommend them more!

-JOONE is the trendy brand for diapers! They are made from ultra-clean materials, with certified organic cosmetics and stylish textiles. Located in the Vosges, the factory that produces their French diapers is one of the few remaining independent manufacturers in France. A family business managed by a brillant duo of mother and son, the factory is now specialized in the diaper and actively contributes to the local economy by employing many subcontractors from the Vosges basin. They have the cutest designs! You can pick 3 different designs with little characters when you subscribe. But they are also some of the most expensive ones on the market (64,90 euros). It is mostly the price that stopped me from subscribing as everything else is perfect!

-Les Petits Culottés is another great brand. It is the story of two passionate men, Matthieu and Johan, who one day decided to explore a new eco-responsible world by creating the first ecological diaper in a local distribution channel. They have 2 essential objectives : Protect the health of all future Culottés* by preserving the environment. Like Joone, they are also based in the Vosges (a textile region from long ago). You can test their nappies on their website with 6 nappies for free (you only have to pay for the postage cost – 3,90 euros). The subscription is 55 euros. I was lucky enough to test their nappies and they are excellent. They are non-irritant and the composition is completely revealed and 100% safe. The 12 hours anti-leak performance is completely true! The design is also very cute!

*It is a play on word with the words Culotte (pants) and Culotté (cheeky)

baby in ParisBottles

Le biberon français
Committed father and passionate inventor, Benjamin Banoun is not one to sit around and wait. During a trip to the seaside with a trunk filled to the brim, and kids tightly seated between bags, he found that Odile, his wife, had devoted an entire XXL bag to baby bottles! A brilliant idea then occurred to him: he should reinvent the bottle and make, at the same time, a little more room in the minivan.

It was at this moment that the idea was born to combine, in the same range of feeding bottles, the best materials, the most perfect teats and easy to use bottles with a trendy design. The idea was to offer all families reliable, aesthetic and recyclable products. « Impossible is not French » ! Baby bottles that are high-end and democratic, Le Biberon Français, entirely designed, conceived and made in France and using only the finest materials, was soon to see the light ….

After a year of exciting research and development aimed at combining quality, comfort, aesthetics and ergonomics, Le Biberon Français was patented and quickly became the holy grail of bottles for stylish young parents. Their motto is Liberty – Equality – Quality. What’s not to like about that!

baby in ParisCuddly Toy

Le doudou Nin-Nin

Nin-Nin is THE French Doudou! It is extremely soft and babies just love it! You can personnalize it for a very special and original birth gift. It was designed by a Dad. Amazing ? If you are surprised it is probably because everything linked to babies seems to be the mum’s part. But times have changed. Just like Le Biberon Français or Les Petits Culottés, it is another proof that dads are very much involved! Some great features for the cuddly toy include : Very thin ends easy to grab and well adapted to new-born psychomotricity, two chewing knots to relieve toothache, a fluorescent tag acting as a visual stimulus for the baby, and helping him to find his nin-nin easily and my favorite – a head without face or expression to encourage imagination and curiosity.

Having a baby in Paris

(c) Homemakers


#Tbaby from Homemakers is a fun way to upcycle your previously loved t-shirts into your baby’s first rompers, bibs, trousers or bonnets. Ageing t-shirts, forgotten in the back of the wardrobe, are an excellent raw material to discover and practice new tricks and techniques in sewing, while creating clothes and accessories for babies and children. The 2 and 3 hour workshops exist for beginner, intermediate and advanced level sewers. You will leave with the pattern to make other clothes and accessories at home. Find out more on www.homemakers.fr

For mum :

Refreshing firming milk

Laboratoire Téane

Mums need products too! Laboratoire Téane which was created in 2008 – from the encounter between a young woman passionate for cosmetics and an exceptional plant from Madagascar – has wonderful products for both babies and mums. My favorite product is their refreshing firming milk that helps you recover beautiful skin after your pregnancy when you lack tonicity and firmness. It is very fast penetrating your skin (perfect when you’re running out of time for yourself! with a young baby!) and non-greasy. You can apply after showering and directly dress after use. 99% of the ingredients have natural origin and 22% of the ingredients from Organic Agriculture. Made in France and Natural – the perfect combination!