Free FUSAC Annual Guide

FUSAC annual guide 2016-2017

In the just published FUSAC annual guide to English-speaking Paris you’ll find:

  • English-speaking resources and contacts
  • Jobs and Housing
  • English-speaking businesses
  • Language schools and teachers
  • Thoroughly researched practical information and tips
  • Book, exhibition and music suggestions
  • The Speak Easy & Becoming French books
  • FUSAC Selections: Personal favorites
  • How to get to know Paris and meet new people
  • Kids in Paris

Get your copy now at the American Church or Cathedral, Breakfast in America, the Real McCoy and other fine anglo establishments, schools, shops… it’s FREE! But remember this is an ANNUAL guide, so all the pertinent up-to-date information you need is still here on the website! You can also click on the cover below to see the full PDF version of our guide! 

Click to read PDF format