Do you know this rabbit?

Do you know this rabbit? You’ve probably seen him hundreds of times, but can you recognize him out of context? This is Serge, the safety rabbit of the Paris Metro. You mostly see him down low – at kid’s height – on the insides of the doors reminding kiddos to keep their hands away so as to not be pinched.

Serge has been around since 1977 and was first drawn by Anne LeLagadec. She chose a rabbit dressed like a child because rabbits express fragility, softness and run around without paying attention to their surroundings (so she said). In 1986 the safety rabbit was redrawn in a yellow  jumpsuit to make him more visible and he became the unofficial mascot of the Paris metro. He even got a name: Serge, after Serge Maury who drew this second incarnation. Last week a third version of Serge was unveiled. Fresh stickers of Serge, who is now wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, are being progressively affixed to the 24,000 metro (and RER) car doors. If you look carefully you’ll note that the metro doors in the background have also been modernized. His face too has changed and we can once again see his bunny tail!

You can win Serge t-shirts and other items by participating in the caption contest on or watch the film Making of: Serge by the design agency 4uatre on

Serge, 1977
Serge, 1986
Serge, 2014

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