Discover or Rediscover the secrets of Montmartre

By Patricia Killeen

Discover or Rediscover the secrets of Montmartre on the tour even Paris Expatriate “Lifers” and real Parisians take!

Eileen Grison has been living in Paris for two decades and has made Montmartre her home. Passionate about her neighbourhood, and initially showing her family and friends her favourite and often secret Montmartre corners, Eileen was encouraged by them to organize professional tours. At home in Ireland, after graduating with a degree in Italian and Cultural studies she subsequently worked as a tour guide for CIE, one of the country’s largest tour companies. In 2012, she created her company“Lingo Immersions”, offering Walking Tours of Montmartre. As someone who “loves all things culture and travel related” and having completely immersed herself in the culture of Montmartre, she was ideal for the job. I recently took one of her tours: “My Famous Artists of Montmartre” with some Parisian friends, and we had a fantas…

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ICS Paris is a unique international school in Paris

Formerly known as EIB – The Victor Hugo School, ICS Paris is an international school in Paris hosting students from Nursery to Grade 12 in the heart of the 15th district. A member of ICS, Leading International Baccalaureat (IB) School Group in Europe, ICS Paris fosters all the values at the heart of an IB education from Primary to High School leading our students towards the IB Diploma.

With a small-class policy, ICS Paris welcomes over 600 students from 70 different nationalities and educational backgrounds. With more than 30 years of experience in education, ICS Paris is a well-known international institution in Paris, unique because of its tailored English-speaking curriculum, enhanced by compulsory French lessons from the age of three. Our international and rich curriculum follows the IB Diploma for our High School, IGCSE for the Middle School (currently also MYP candidate) and Cambridge and IPC for our Primary School.

Students at ICS Paris…

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A Passion for Complication

A slightly adapted excerpt from Demystifying the French: How to Love Them and Make them Love You, published by Winged Words Publishing, 2019. Copyright Janet Hulstrand, all rights reserved.

It’s best, whenever possible, to give the merchant exact change when buying something in France. “I do not know why, but I do know that French people really, really, really want you to give them exact change if you possibly can. They just do,” I tell my students.

This can lead to a confusing situation for Anglophones, because the word for “change” in French is monnaie. So if a French person looks at the money you have given them and says “Vous n’avez pas de monnaie?” you might understandably be confused. After all, haven’t you just given them monnaie?

But no, you see, you have not. You have given them argent, which means, literally “silver,” and is the word used for money. Or you have given them espèce, which means “cash”: but you have not given them exact c…

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Planète Gascogne by Perry Taylor

If you are headed to south west France for your summer vacation or if you've already been smitten by the area or if you appreciate rural France you'll get a kick out of the drawings by Perry Taylor - as he interprets life in Gascony through a whimsical British lens.

Perry Taylor was born in Oxford, England. He was a graphic designer and art director at design studios and advertising agencies in London and Amsterdam for 25 years. He now lives with his wife and chickens in the Hautes-Pyrénées, at the edge of the Gers. The tender and amusing observations of this renowned ‘Anglo-Gascon’ artist, capture the spirit of South West France in his warm and witty drawings, that always contain mischievous details of the locals, their lifestyle, culture, heritage and sports. Drawn in Indian ink and watercolor, his pen strokes provoke smiles from the French, who recognize themselves, as well as the international visitors who have discovered this special part of France.

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Robert Leroy, Priest and cyclist

French Father Robert Leroy has an interesting way to relax and to connect with his parishioners. He's a priest and cyclist, and has a lovely a sense of humor. He has ridden 600,000km. That's the equivalent of 200 Tours de France, although he doesn't often compete since amateur races are most often scheduled... on Sunday mornings!

One competition he does participate in every year is the Clergy Championship which he has won more than once. Each year on the first of May this fraternal competition brings together anyone who is ordained for a short race of about 60km. About 50 clergy gathered in Brittany for the the 20th edition in 2019. Father Leroy is the only one to have competed in all 20 races.

Father Leroy has been riding his bike for most of his life. He owns 7 or 8 bicycles. It was while riding one day in 1983 that he made the decision to go to seminary.

Le jour où j'ai pris la décision de r…

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Support the Franco-British Sillery Foundation

The Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hertford British Hospital Charity have created a solidarity initiative, under the high patronage of the British Ambassador to France and the French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, to support the work of the Franco-British Sillery Foundation in the Essonne department which is actively engaged in the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the Franco-British Sillery Foundation's people with disabilities have been involved in the collective effort to combat the effects of the Covid-19 virus in the communities where they are present, at six of their sites in France. The Foundation makes masks, treats linen, provides daily meals to the staff of medical-social establishments, makes oxygen bottle caps for Air Liquide, packages hydro-alcoholic gel and more.

The Franco-British Sillery Foundation is in urgent need of funds to continue its emergency health work, b…

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How to fill out your French tax return and benefit from it in 2020?

by Stéphane GOMBAULD, Tax expert, DoYourTax

Tax - Impôts - Return - Credits  

Since January 1st, 2019, the French tax residents pay their taxes under a withholding tax system, or in simple terms, a pay-as-you-earn basis (PAYE).

The calculation of the income tax that you already paid is no longer based on your 2020 declaration, but on an estimation made by the tax administration, without reduction or abatement. Your declaration in 2020 will come to adjust the amount paid.

Therefore, for the taxpayers, the stake of this tax period is to carefully filing their French tax return and make sure to get the best refund, according to their situation.

Are you prepared to perform this exercise in 2020? What do you need to know to file your French tax return properly? Do you even need to fill out a French tax return in your specific situation?

Here is a guide to understand the basic implications of the tax return fil…

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A pebble for Clare Gass

FUSAC would like to share with you this humanitarian story of a Canadian nurse from the last century published by the blog Parisian Fields who posts thoughtful and very interesting posts once a month. Parisian Fields is the blog of two Toronto writers who love Paris. They are interested in everything from Paris history and architecture to its graffiti and street furniture. 

Their post about Clare Gass talks about a girl from Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia born in 1887. She found her calling in nursing. She enlisted in the military and was deployed in France during World War I, then she nursed victims of the Spanish flu at a segregation hospital in Wales, then returned to Canada to work first in a military convalescent hospital in Quebec, then in social services in Montreal. Parisian Fields gives Clare Gass a well earned hommage.

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Created in 1967, ISG INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL has continuously nurtured the uniqueness and success of its graduates. ISG International Business School belongs to IONIS Education Group, founded in 1980, the leading group in private, higher education in France. The 25 schools and entities of the group bring together nearly 28.500 students in the fields of business, digital marketing, communication, management, finance, information technology, digital applications, aerospace, energy, transport, biotechnology and innovation.

If you’re looking for a program totally taught in English, come and join the ISG’s State approved Bachelor in International Management and take a State approved BBA with our partner Middlesex University (London, UK), in just 3 years, right in the heart of Paris.

This three-year course targets students looking for both an academic and professional, highly-international management program dispensed in the Anglo-American style, pr…

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A Bachelor degree with ISG

Since its creation in 1967, ISG International Business School works to arouse the curiosity, the spirit of entrepreneurship and the taste for innovation of its students. Today, ISG is the 4th provider of the "Who's Who » personalities (listing people that count in the fields of the arts, sports and business, naturally).


The Bachelor in International Management attracts students from all over the world in Paris. Choose the BIM and learn how to live and work with Asian, European or American mates. Develop the required skills to adapt a multicultural environment. Join the BIM programme, live a 12-month internship abroad and spend 6 months in one of our 160 partner universities.


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