British musicians in Paris

The future of British music in Paris

In French the term is graine de star in English you’d say future stars or maybe budding or upcoming. In any case these two British musicians  in Paris are on their way to the top. Check them out now so that you can say “I knew them when…” as soon as they are famous.

British Musicians in Paris
photo: Yves Aouat

Tim Watt

Hertfordshire musician Tim Watt has been singing and playing guitar since he was 15. He combines the sweet chords of his guitar with an incredible talent for harmonica alongside the raw power of his soulful voice to produce some haunting melodies. He has performed a vast array of shows over the years, from the neon lights of Las Vegas to such legendary folk venues as The Troubadour in London and The Bitter End in New York City. His songs are sculptured with poetic lyrical content inspired by the works of Cohen, Dylan, Neil Young and Nick Drake, with more recent influences consisting of Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams. This eclectic collection of influences from folk to the punk rock movement provides a unique body of individual personal compositions. When Tim performs solo he performs mostly his own compositions. He finds his inspiration from moments or events in every day life. Sometimes it can be third party, as if he’s singing a fictional tale. He believes that it is very important to deliver every line with soul. “When you can feel the emotion in a song is when you are really captured by it.” says Tim.

Tim will be performing July 16 – 21.00 at the Bus Palladium 6 Rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris. Just 7€ at the door.

Visit Tim’s site and Facebook page

British Musicians in ParisGeraint John Jones

Born to the daughter of an Opera Singer in the Welsh valleys, Geraint John Jones is a self taught singer and guitarist and calls himself a “smartphone troubadour”. Geraint has honed a reputation as “one of the most well known street musicians of the Marais, Paris” (El Ganso). Singing his own brand of folk, his songs chart a collection of experiences of the lives and loves of people from across the globe.

His music has taken him from Leeds to London, Paris to Berlin with notable performances at Glastonbury Festival, à L’atelier Picasso des Grands-Augustins and at Berlins East Side Days Festival. Across Europe his story is being heard with features on BBC Teeside, BBC York, in Der Bild and by El Ganso clothing. Once referred to as sounding like “a fiery non-conformist minister” ( his focus is to play an energetic and engaging show, touching on many different genres and exploring a wide range of lyrical themes. With Geraint taking influence from all of his previous homes you can expect a bit of Folk, some Chanson and a lot of spirit.

Fo(u)r Love Songs, the first EP from Geraint, was released in February 2016 along with his first music video “The Last Waltz” directed by Robin Watine and shot in Paris. Go to Geraint’s website to watch and hear The Last Waltz Currently Geraint continues busking and travelling throughout Europe, look for him on a street corner or at a venue near you soon. Upcoming concerts:
16th July – Munich Sessions, Munich. 20h
26th July – The Fringe Bar (Jelli Records), Bristol. 20h
3rd August – Gwdihw, Cardiff. 20h
4th – 7th August – The Green Gathering, Chepstow