BBI Boulogne-Billancourt Information talks about Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

BBI Boulogne-Billancourt Information – it’s a pretty dull title for a magazine, but a really nice municipal publication just like Boulogne-billancourt is a really nice town. We read it every month to see what is going on in sports, culture, politics, business and best of all the history pages of our city. Julie Fagard, the journalist who interviewed us, clearly enjoys her job. She was lovely, interested and asked some great questions. She very much liked the concept we have put forth. The Book Room is rather unique in Boulogne as there are no English book shops and no used book shops in this town of nearly 110,000. The article has already brought in a dozen customers on the first day we were open after publication! I looks like we’ve hit a chord. We’re happy to give back to Boulogne-Billancourt, the second largest city in Ile de France after Paris (and 30th largest in France), as it is a great place where people are friendly and smiling. There’s great shopping on the vibrant avenue Jean-Jaurès and many other streets, museums, public sculpture and interesting architecture from the 1930s. The Seine surrounds nearly all of it and the Bois de Boulogne borders the top of the Seine’s meander. And if for some reason you still need to go to Paris it is easily accessible by bike or public transport. Yes, it’s a step across the Périphérique, but really worth it. Ever since we moved here 10 years ago we have been very happy we chose Boulbi.

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BBI Boulogne-Billancourt Information
BBI Boulogne-Billancourt Information

You can read all about the Book Room via this article in English

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