Are you a Yabonophile?

The Musée des Arts decoratifs presents the exhibition Pub Mania exploring the phenomenon of collecting small advertising objects and motivations behind the collectors whose profiles are actually not that different those of art collectors. This exhibition was initiated by the gift of a unique set of one thousand advertising fans belonging to Anne and Michel Lombardini. It is a tribute that the museum wanted to make these enthusiasts who, with their passion and originality, helped sustain the collective memory of an era.

111-DP-Pub-Mania-4-1The exhibition begins with a wall of the publicity fans. Produced by thousands from 1890 until the end of the second World War, fans boast champagne brands and perfume but also places such as resorts, department stores, Parisian cafes and hotels. Some are the work of renowned artists such Clérice, Chéret or Ogé for 1900s and Cassandra, Colin, Cappiello or Gruau for the period 1930 to 1950. By being used for advertising, the frivolous and fun fan, once synonymous with elegance, became part of all social classes. The exhibit continues with rooms devoted to collections organized by object type or monomania collections of key chains, ashtrays, blotters, calling cards and more. The following rooms show collections based on certain brands, followed by posters. This amazing walk through the advertising world of curious and unusual objects will strike a chord with any visitor.  Because haven’t we all at some point saved a pretty biscuit box, key chain or pitcher made for advertising? Could you be a Yabonophile (collector of Banania objects) or an affichomane? Visit this exhibit and find out.

111-DP-Pub-Mania-4until 6 October at

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