An evening in Pigalle – the new trendy district

Pigalle used to evoke The Moulin Rouge, massage parlours and dodgy nightlife… If it probably still does for many tourists, it has also greatly improved and has even become a very trendy part of Paris. It went from being the « red-light » district of the city to being called « So-Pi » for South Pigalle, or the Parisian version of Soho, New York. Indeed, many cabarets and nightclubs have given way to trendy restaurants and fashionable cocktail bars. Of course, there are still plenty of sex-shops on the main roads but it is not as tacky as it used to be. New restaurants, bars, shops open all the time and the district is now a place where all the bobos and hipsters meet ! If you are out in Pigalle, we’ll give you some great spots to go out like a trendy Parisian !

EAT : Pink Mamma

The group of restaurants Big Mamma recently opened Pink Mamma, a beautiful pink four-story buiding of Italian gastronomy on rue de Douai. All the products are imported from Tuscany and the staff speak Italian. If you close your eyes, you’ll think you are in Italy ! The menu changes every month and the prices are more than reasonable. Consequently, the place is already extremely popular and it is not unsual to see a long queue outside the restaurant even before it opens as it does not take reservations. It is lovely to go there for lunch too as it is less busy.
Each floor has a different atmosphere from a lovely basement where you can sip a cocktail to a beautiful top floor with a view over the parisian roofs and a huge glass skylight. The restaurant is also filled with Italian calamondim orange trees and wild ivy. The place is truly beautiful and everyone takes a lot of pictures of the place and of themselves ! Shots of the restaurant are all over Instagram.
The specificity of Pink Mamma compared to the other restaurants of the group is that they serve red meat. The steaks are cooked on a three-metre long barbecue on the first floor. The meat is very tasty and served with some lovely potatoes. Straight forward Italian food always is  extremely good ! If you don’t like red meat, do not worry, there is also a great choice of Pizzas and Pastas quite obviously ! We tried the delicious classic pizza called Regina Instagram with fresh Burrata – delicious ! ! You can also enjoy a glass of Franciacorta, a sparkling wine very similar to Champagne. The Prosecco is also excellent. Tiramisu is a must for dessert and it is another success. Pink Mamma is the perfect spot for a great dinner in Pigalle !

Pink Mamma – 20bis, rue de Douai, 75009 Paris


DRINK : Brussels Beer Project

Brussels Beer Project – in a few words ? It’s a collaborative project using co-creation to become more innovative & daring and to bring fresh air into a sometimes too conservative Belgian craft brewing scene ! They breathe the contemporary Brussels, a cosmpolitan town that lives and evolves. Brussels Beer Project arrived in Paris very recently and they chose Pigalle for their first taproom. What is more fitting than being on Rue de Bruxelles ? The project exists thanks to crowdfunding. Today they are supported by about 2,500 crowdfunders. They also have a taproom in Tokyo that opened in 2017. Craft beers are very trendy at the moment and if you are a beer lover, you will absolutly love Brussels Beer Project !
There is a wide range of draft beers developed by the house: Delta IPA, Baby Lone, Red My Lips, Jungle Boy, Dark Sister or Grosse Bertha. There are also ephemeral creations and craft beers from other favorite breweries. A personal favorite is a beer called Rise Again, a grapefruit pale ale that is fruity and really refreshing. If you really like some of the beers, there is also a mini shop inside the bar where you can buy bottles of beer and fun things such as tote bags. The prices start from about 4.5 euros for a half pint. You can enjoy your beer with a hot dog or some Belgian fries too. The place is very spacious and perfect for a drink with friends !
Of course, remember that excessive drinking is dangerous for the health; alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.

Brussels Beer Project – 1 Rue de Bruxelles, 75009 Paris


DANCE : Le Bus Palladium

Unlike the two other places mentioned, Le Bus Palladium has been around for a long time. Indeed, it has been a mythical place of the rock scene since the 60s. It is named after Palladium, a famous night club in New York. People such as Mick Jagger or Salvador Dali made le Bus famous. All the greatest artists have been on the stage there. It is still today a great nightspot in Paris. It is also a space for both private and professional events between rock aperitifs, dinner and live music events in the heart of Pigalle.
Most nights you can just go to le Bus to see great bands play live and also dance to some old rock tunes. It is very quiet if you go there early for a drink and see the first bands but it gets very busy later at night. On weekends, you will have to queue outside to get in ! ! The place is very trendy and a lot of celebrities party there. On the first floor, there is also a restaurant with a second stage and a piano for a different atmosphere. It is really a unique place for music lovers ! Don’t miss the Karaoke nights on Wednesdays for a fun time !

Le Bus Palladium – 6 Rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris