Higher Education Fair by The American University of Paris

The American University of Paris is hosting a Higher Education Fair on campus so that students can meet with and learn about universities from all over the world. Our goal is to introduce to students the idea of doing something different, getting out of their comfort zone and at the very least, starting to think about different higher education options available to them around the world.

There will be more than 20 universities from ten different countries. These universities offer programs in a wide range of subjects, from Business and Finance to Art & Design to Health and applied sciences.

Students will have the chance to speak to representatives and alumni from a number of international universities all in one room. It’s a small and intimate format, but we believe it will be beneficial to both University representatives and students, allowing each to explore the interests and strengths of each other. Students can come away from the fair having learned something new and interesting about another country, another approach to teaching, having discovered that they can study in Italy, Spain, UK, US, or China without necessarily speaking the language of the country or having any previous knowledge about it. Choosing where to study is an immensely personal and important decision so meeting with a University representative allows students to ask all kinds of questions directly to someone from the inside and receive an immediate response.

The event is quite unique in the sense that it is hosted by a University, so it gives students a chance to visit a University campus but at the same time doesn’t restrict them to learning only about AUP. With only 1,200 students representing 109 nationalities, AUP really is a unique University. With a curriculum built around the liberal arts, we teach students to think independently across a range of subjects disciplines, in an international and European setting. What happens in our classrooms is entirely student-focused, where students concentrate on developing skills relevant to the rest of their lives. Our alumni are sought-after by employers all over the world, with over 85% of our graduates finding employment after graduation.

The Study Abroad Fair at AUP is open to all and will take place in Paris from 17:00 to 19:30 on Friday, February 24th. Registration is recommended but not required. Register here.