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Code Postal: 75
Ville: Paris
Pays: France

SOS Help is an emotional support line in English. Worried, anxious, lonely or confused?
It may help to talk things over. Our listeners are trained by professional psychologists, so they know how important your call is. Your call is confidential and anonymous, and our listeners are non-judgmental.

SOS Help‘s English-language hotline (01 46 21 46 46) in Paris offers “empathetic, nonjudgmental emotional support.” Open from 3pm to 11pm.

Volunteer listeners are always welcome.

Update : 

To be brief, this spring has been a difficult one for everyone. We hope that this message finds everyone healthy and safe. The service that SOS Help provides feels especially important during this difficult time. 

We here at SOS Help are proud that we’ve been able to continue the service during the confinement and since May 24th, have been back to our regular hours, helping English speaking callers in need. However, in doing so we’ve had to make some difficult decisions while respecting the rules set forth by the French government. 

First and foremost to those of you on this email list, we’ve decided to not have a book sale in 2020. This comes with a heavy heart but given the uncertain future for large gatherings, it seems like the right decision.

However, with that decision comes a 60% budget loss for the organization. The struggle to cover the basic costs of the organization are real. We’re brainstorming hard at the moment to come up with new and creative ways to fundraise.

In the meantime if you’d like to help us, please click on the link to donate. Even just the amount you’d normally spend at the book sale would really help the organization navigate this difficult time and continue to provide an invaluable service to people in need.