10 good reasons to learn French with Absolutely French

Image_00610 good reasons to learn French with Absolutely French

Absolutely French is a school that teaches you French differently. We wanted to know what was different in this school, so we interviewed learners.

1 – Interesting way of teachingImage_002

From Paolo, Venezuela :
«I like their teaching method combining games, cooking lessons, and visits of Paris.
This is a deep dive into the French culture. All days are different, and I particularly enjoyed “Play and Learn”. It was realy good fun»

2 – The course place

From Ursula, Finland :
«I loved studying in a real French house, it was a great life experience and the best way to experience French life as well! Classes are held in a beautiful house with a garden. We understand better how the French live, and when the weather is nice, courses are outside!»

3 – The WelcomeImage_003

From Ashley, USA
«Absolutely French teachers welcome you as a friend, it makes me feel really confident to learn a new language.»

4 – Easy

From Naoko, Japan :
“It’s easy and if we do not understand when we are at home, we can write on the forum to be helped by teachers online or other students. ”

5 – Meet friends

From Wei Jiang, China :
«I met many foreigners like me, and French, during the evenings «Absolutely» I made myself some friends, we did many suggested activities together. And teachers have become my friends , too!»

6 – Cooking French dishes

From Sara, South Africa :
“When my parents came to see me, I cooked French dishes :
an entire menu that I had learned with ” Absolutely French ” A real success ! These are my favorite courses where you learn a Chef’s secrets. And I think you cannot learn French without cooking French food.”

7 – The French Culture :Image_004

From Pavlova, Russia :
«The most important point of this school.
You watch from the inside, you’ll know : what to bring to a dinner, how to eat your salad, at what time to reach an appointment … It helped me a lot when we arrived. This gives you the unique opportunity to understand “from the inside” how the French society and culture operate.»

8 – The timing

From Sagarika, India :
«The originality of Absolutely French is the timing : 10-15h. Perfect when you want to bring your kids to school and pick  them at 16h. I love the moments of meals where we revise our vocabulary through games : a truly relaxing moment, and friendly too. The days are very well organized. Good memories!”

9 – Useful places in Paris

From Suzanne, Germany :
«When you arrive in Paris, you need benchmarks and advices on places open to the public, institutions, shops, hospitals … with Absolutely French we enter all these useful places to foreigners. I gained a lot of time thanks to this school, thank you! We also discover beautiful passages, hidden streets, and much more!»

10 – The Club Absolutely

From Jon, Australia :
«I loved the activities offered outside the classroom and the Absolutely evenings : a drink in a trendy bar, a picnic, a theater play, … It allowed me to talk with French, American, Chinese, Indian people, … and all in French!»

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